Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Sunshine

Eating lunch outside after church, soaking up the spring sunshine. Nothing quite like being in the midst of a long weekend! Laying around in the sunshine makes even the simplest meal so enjoyable, not to mention the freedom to jump on the trampoline to aid meal digestion!! ;)

That night, Mark and I got to head out for dinner together - our first date since before I got sick (over five months ago). Needless to say... it was wonderful!!! Yup, he is still my favourite person to hang out with... phew, huh!? :)

Who is this grown up little man?!

Sunning those sweet tootsies...

This is his coy 'I know I'm adorable' smile

Mark, who clearly belongs in the Roman era, loves to recline when eating.
Of course, the kids love to mimic Daddy and quickly follow suit. Love it!

Our beautiful Wisteria has bloomed and is just so enchanting.
Totally worth it trying to destroy the patio with its tentacles!!


  1. It is no wonder your children always look so happy!

  2. What beautiful Wisteria! Glad you got a night out together!

  3. I love have a relaxing eat in the sun!

  4. Looks like it was a lovely Sunday! Love that you giys get out in the sunshine for your lunches on the weekend.
    Oh Eli you are such a cutie! he looks so much older in the red cap!


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