Sunday, 28 October 2012


Every day, Lily and Eli talk to the baby currently growing in my tummy (I'm now over 27 weeks!)... they sing, pat, rub, kiss, feel kicks and squeal with glee, elbow accidentally (ouch!), and chat, chat, chat. Love to see these three siblings already getting to know each other. **melt** Suffice to say, this precious little babe is eagerly anticipated!

Lately, Lily has been talking about wanting to give things to the baby when he arrives, a special present. Finding things in her room to give, asking to buy something special from the shops, and so on. We are working on a special gift for the kids to give to their new sibling - as well as a gift from baby to them (shhh!!) but in the meantime I suggested the baby would love a special drawing from her when he is born, so she eagerly got to work...

'I'll just put on some love heart stickers to say 'I love you'. Four 'I love you's' to the baby!'  Lily said.

When Eli finally woke from his nap (and collected my hand bag), Lily eagerly
asked him if he wanted to do a drawing for the baby. 'Yeah!' he said.
So she set him up with paper and pens and some stickers and helped him
get started. Ah, sweet.

A lot of love contained in this abstract creation (featuring traced shapes with faces added, spiderman, butterfly,
love hearts and so on!)


  1. awww, sweet children. I love that Lily is such a beautiful big sister, helping out Eli to make his creation. She is going to love having a baby to dote on!

  2. This is really adorable. Your family is just so great. It is quite overwhelming to think of them all looking at these pictures when the three of them have been friends for years.

    1. awww Julia that made me quite teary and overwhelmed myself to think of the kids looking back on this as grownups! I mean, I am really doing all this blogging for them but I kinda forget that a lot of the time that they will actually be reading it! I truly hope and pray they read this one day, much grown and dear friends, and see where it all began! :)


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