Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fun in the Sun!

After the crazy snow and rain filled Friday, our first official day of holidays dawned sunny and warm - perfect for our two little munchkins who were begging to get to the beach! It was an easy stroll of about 50 metres from our house to the water and we spent a lovely relaxed morning building sandcastles with the kids, jumping the waves in along the shoreline, taking walks, and yes, Daddy even got a nap in the sunshine and I got some book reading time. Yup, everyone was happy and we returned with two totally soaked, sandy and delightfully exhausted little poppets. Holidays were made for days like this. Looking back now I realise I didn't actually get that many photos cos... well... we were just having too much fun! :)

As the sunshine soaked our bones, it just felt oh-so-good after a long, hard winter, to relax and play together as a family. 

Our sweet little holiday home!
The huge deck where we spent most of our time... tables joined together to seat the whole crowd!
The two other cottages are just down the back.

E starts the day off right with a cappuccino  fruit smoothie.
Love the little trio of highchairs in the background for the triplets!

Beautiful Bundeena beach all to ourselves for hours of sandcastle building and wave jumping!

Wave jumping with Nana. By the end of this episode the kids were totally soaked and totally loving it!

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Lily was the most adorable oldest cousin in existence, thrilled to have her triplet boy cousins and a newborn baby girl cousin to dote on and nurture all day every day! Four babies meant she had plenty to spread her cuddles, coaxing and care around on... even if at times it was perhaps a little too affectionate! I was cracking up just listening to how she cooed in this distinct grown-up tone to the babies, using all manner of endearments and sweet words 'Ohhhh darling, you just want to get that toy, don't you? I'll help you, sweetie, it's ok, don't be sad, I'm here...' and so on... hilarious and precious!

Helping feed Sam his bottle... clutching him tightly the whole time.
The protective little hand curled around his head just melts me!

Can you believe this healthy boy was a teeny 32 week premmie?!


  1. What a fantastic holiday and getting to spend lots of time together and with your family. That's a treat in it's self. Gorgeous sun and fun filled photos.

  2. Looks like the perfect place to create lots of beautiful family memories. The picture with Nana is oh so sweet.

  3. Your holiday looked so amazing and yes very relaxing! Love those cabins, especially the large decks - wow!
    Lily with Sam - too gorgeous!


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