Monday, 1 October 2012

Go Fish!

Public holidays are made for just lying around on the bed playing a relaxed and yet very serious game of  'Go Fish'!

It's been such a cruisey little long weekend around here. Perfect, really. Pottering around the house, doing some spring cleaning, a bit of social stuff and some fun with the kids. This morning, after Lily discovered the set of cards in a drawer we were sorting out, we sat down together and I taught her how to play. She was so excited to learn and caught on very quickly - in fact, she beat me in our very first game! It was just so sweet to play with her as I haven't really thought of teaching her actual 'games' much yet, to watch her quickly catch on, excitedly asking 'Excuse me, Mummy, do you have an angel fish?' (Yes, the cards had actual fish pictures, lol!) then, responding at her turn 'Sorry, I don't... go fish, Mummy!'. 

So of course later in the day after everyone had napped, she challenged Daddy to a game... and beat him too!


  1. Nothing beats the classic card games!
    How funny that the go-fish cards have fish pictures on them ;)

  2. I loved playing fish with my nanna. Looks like everyone is having fun!


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