Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kindness Overflowing from Child to Child

It was another sweet day as the volunteering helper at Lily's Playschool. I just love this glimpse into her world and am thankful she is still so young as to be thrilled to have my company!! ;) It's so fun seeing her there, so independent and confident (always ready to stick up her hand and offer her thoughts and ideas during Rug time), so involved (non-stop crafting action) and interacting with her little buddies.

Those tightly clutched, dimpled hands...

I was touched when one of her teacher's told me how well-mannered Lily was - 'without fail' she was polite to those around her and the teacher was so impressed. A little bit of pay-off for Mama, haha! Manners are a big deal in our family, to me they are the foundation of learning to show respect and consideration to those around you. Like so much with little kids, these simple words start on the outside (they are encouraged to say them even when they don't fully understand or feel it quite yet) and over time they reach the inside (they internalise the habit, respect and kindness the words represent). I was thrilled to know Lily was speaking kindly and politely to her teachers and little friends in my absence. Yee-ha!

But what I witnessed later in the day moved me even more. A little girl was having a sad day at school, quietly whimpering and withdrawn. The teachers and I gave her lots of time and cuddles but she just seemed sad. I watched as Lily intently walked past her (no doubt on her way to another craft), yet noticed her and stopped. 'Why are you sad for?' she said with childish matter-of-factness. Lily then gave her a hug, wrapping those precious little arms around her new friend. No more words were needed in child-land. Who needs explanations when the feelings are so evident. Lily took her hand, led her to an activity and involved her in her play. My beautiful girl...

Later in the day, I noticed Lily go up to her again to check on her friend. Lily held her hand, put her other hand on the girl's back in a hilariously grown-up and consoling manner. Lily peered into her face and enquired gently 'Are you feeling happy now?'. The little girl didn't have much to say, so Lily took her hand again and led her to the rug for Storytime, sitting next to her and giving her encouraging smiles. Lily glanced over at me and I smiled the smile of a proud mother trying not to openly weep during Storytime!!! ;) I saw the little girl reach out and stroke Lily's long pigtails in wonder. Bless them both...

When school was wrapping up, the grandmother of the little girl came up to me as I helped Lily collect her many paintings and craft. 'My grand daughter told me that Lily was a special friend to her today and looked after her when she was upset. She ran up and told me every detail when I arrived. Thank you.'

We don't know why she was so sad - does it matter? We just know that this little girl had a loving friend today, company and a hug when it was needed. Don't we all, sometimes?

Fun rolling and painting with golf balls!

We chatted about it afterwards, though I didn't want to overplay it as I felt such an act of kindness that comes from the heart can be its own reward.

'Lily, I saw you being kind to that sad little girl today. What made you do that?
'That's just how I did it', she replied coyly.
'Well, how did you feel when you were being so kind?'
'I felt happy.'
'If you were feeling sad and lonely, is that how you would like someone to be kind to you?'
'You know, that's what Jesus says - we should treat people like we want to be treated. And that's what you did today, honey. Well done.'

Please and Thank you are good and important, it's true. But the most beautiful thing of all is to see an act of unprompted kindness from the heart. Friendship, empathy, and compassion were overflowing today. From one sweet little three-year-old heart, to be poured upon another precious soul. Colour me biased, but I was so touched by my daughter's gesture of kindness. Through her many school years and all the rest to come, my prayer is that her eyes will always be open to the kid who is having a rough day, and her arms will always be willing to hug them... just as I pray someone will look out for her when she has those inevitable days. Oh, how I would love for her to find kindness on her rough days too.

Lily-Pie, I was so proud of you today. Warmed to see your tender heart and compassion. Touched to see how you reached out with so much empathy. Honoured to be the mother of such a child, who has such a heart for others. May you carry this with you always and never be afraid to reach out to others. I love you so much!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kate - Lovely!

  2. Lovely post, Lily is such a kind and gentle girl. Just beautiful! I love all the craft activities too, looks like it was a great day at kindy :-)

  3. What a beautiful, inspirational story. What a wonderful mummy you are to a beautiful little girl xx

  4. Kate, what a beautiful exchange you have documented. Of coarse she is an empathetic person, look at who her model is :)

  5. That made me cry! You are such a great mother and instilling such great things into your children! Love reading your blog!

  6. I love to hear your thoughts and feedback - thanks so much for leaving some love!


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