Saturday, 28 September 2013

documenting delight

In 2013, the new version of 'pen pals' seems to be stumbling upon friendships in like-minded circles online. It admittedly still sounds pretty bizarre, even in this blogging world, but that is what happened last year when I got myself involved in taking and blogging a photo every single day for a whole year (um, did I really do that?!). I could never have done it without the daily support and inspiration of others participating in the Documenting Delight Project 366 . A crazy-talented bunch of ladies who also happened to be extremely lovely! Most of them are based in Brisbane, so when we were up there on holidays I was lucky enough to meet up with a few of them. It was a little surreal to meet these adorable kids and amazing mothers I 'knew' only virtually. To meet them in real life was so fun - mmmm, kinda like meeting celebrities, heehee!! I have learnt soooo much from all these ladies, though photography-wise I still very much stand in their shadows. I did restrain myself from asking for autographs ;)

I met up with the awesome Tarnya of Get In the Good Light the first week which was such a treat! (Click for a piccie and link to her amazing blog).

In the second week we had a lovely beach meet up with Andrea of HippyHappyMama. It was like meeting a kindred spirit, with our parallel families of 5 year old girls (instant besties, heehee), 3 year old blonde boys (who we kept getting confused with each other) and they even had a precious teeny 4 week old, Daisy... well, Miles is a few months ahead. We had a relaxed afternoon frolicking on the beach (kids) and chatting (parents) which rolled into a pizza dinner back at their place. A sweet family friendship was cemented 'in real life' :) So blessed to meet this lovely little clan! Thanks, Andi! xx

I wish I could capture the sound effects of this gang of four at the beach. (Oh yeah, there is this thing called video, didn't think of that!). The tide was out and this newly formed insta-friendship was blossoming. Wide open beaches released oodles of energy and this little troop just ran. In and out of the water, back and forth on the beach, they just keep running around in a little pack, with constant squealing and drones of  'ahhhhhhhhhh' as they did so. They played and splashed and explored and it was pretty much completely adorable.

Our beach babies, Lily, Hannah, Eli and Blake.

Eli is apparently flying in most of these shots!

She was happy, happy, happy.
I was not quite quick enough to capture this - they all sat down in a perfect row to play in the shallow waters.
It was so precious but they started getting up again before I realised!

Off again!

Awwwww, the Daddies chatting and cuddling their babies! (Boys tearing past!!)

The big group meet up was at New Farm Park by the river with about nine gorgeous families from the Documenting Delight group. Five lazy hours hanging out in the shady park, 'meeting' an amazing group of women and their ridiculously cute gang of kids. Lots of chatting was done amongst the mamas :) Once again, the kids just took to each other instantly and they had a blast roaming around and making their own mischief. It was..... needless to say... delightful

Thank you, DD ladies, for coming to meet our crazy little crew. It was honestly a pleasure and privilege to meet you all :)

It is pretty surreal to see these three little faces in a shot together. Tree climbing with Thomas, Eli and Blake

The perfect tree for climbing - kids everywhere!

Group shot of some of the most photographed kids on the planet, haha! Mark got a phone shot of the 'mamarazzi'
all snapping away at this moment!!! (Not all the kids in this shot as families were coming and going)

Crazy Kids

Cuddles!!! (Blake and Eli are like 'Noooo!)

Lining up for a race with their ribbon wands Tarnya helped make on the day - big hit!

Love the 3 littlies on the left who are like 'ummm what are we supposed to be doing?'

We were very honoured to have Tarnya take a family snap for us :)

We managed to sneak in a new family member in this shot!! (Hi T!)

Hannah and Lily. These two clicked in a beautiful way and had so much fun
playing together. They have promised to be pen pals now... well at least till
they can email I guess ;)

Twinsies Eli and Blake 

This world is full of beautiful people and it's a blessing to meet some more of them :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

37/52 - from the city to the sea


Grandpa and our tribe ventured into the big city for the day.

Catching three modes of public transport (bus, train, river cat) was very much part of the adventure!

PS I did actually brush this girl's hair that morning, contrary to it's wild appearance in this photo.


With a wink and a smile...


Baby toes in the grass.... Love!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Still enjoying being on holiday mode in sunny Brisbane!

Intensely watching out for that train to, here we come!

Roaming around Southbank. Always have a good time exploring that place!

We stumbled upon the State Museum and had a blast wandering amongst the collections and displays

Sweet boy - slumbering. Whatever is happening, he just rolls with it!

Munching apples whilst surveying the big city!

Gelato Fix. 
She ate half and called that sufficient. I encourage them to 'listen to their
bodies' as part of healthy eating habits for life. When I see them taking this on
themselves, it is pretty cool. 

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting the amazing Tarnya and Thomas of Get in The Good Light -  'in real life'!
She is a super-talented photographer-turned-friend (not to mention a lovely and funny lady too!). Her boy Thomas is
absolutely adorable. After a comedy of errors, we managed to meet up for a short but sweet afternoon in the city gardens. The kids clicked like they had known each other forever. It was gorgeous... I even dared to take my camera out in the midst of such photographic greatness (seriously, check her blog!) to capture a lil' bit of cuteness. :)

Watching the kids race around.... dying to get in on the action!

Mark carrying his bounty....

Captured - One Silly Yet Sweet Boy (very rare, very precious wild animal!)

Lily and I out for an afternoon Girl's Adventure. Quality time to chat, play, walk, eat and just be.

Lily absolutely doted on Kaos (my Dad's dog) and proudly and earnestly walked him as often as she could. One day
she said to me 'Do you think when I am walking him, some people might think he is actually MY dog?!' I assured her
she pulled off the 'dog owner' look very convincingly ;) 

Ready to jump in for the first outdoor swim of the season.... 1....2..... 3.!!!!

Lily was having fun jumping in with Dad! But it was also a great chance for her to practise her newly aquired swimming
skills in a new environment (eg not just in her lessons). It took her a while to warm up and realise she could actually
swim in this pool just like in her class. By the end of the afternoon she was swimming laps of the pool - solo! Amazing :)

You might notice a common presence in these photos... Kaos. Self Appointed Life Guard!!
Kaos is verrrrry protective, especially of kids and he lets all the adults know he does NOT approve of the kids being let in the pool! NOT SAFE. He stands right at the edge the whole time, totally on guard, tensed up, watching all the kicking and squealing intently. He does not like to swim but will jump in if he thinks he needs to!! So funny - love this dog :)

Oh Miles, you are a cool cat indeed! He was loving kicking back on the sun lounge :)

Chilling out with Grandpa, admiring his own tootsies :) Miles was just soooo chilled out, lying back with Grandpa,
it was hilarious!

Grandpa decked Eli out in his very own real toolkit. (Lily already has one - Grandpa
wants all the grandkids to be ready to take up a trade, haha)