Sunday, 24 May 2020

week twentyone // eli @ home

week twentyone // eli @ home
This was Eli's last week of homeschooling before he returns to school and Miles first week back.
It's been a wonderful to have Eli learning at home for a while, he has impressed and amazed me at how he has done. Hard working, diligent, responsible, organised, eager to understand and eager to do his best. Also a big fan of all the online platforms, he is such a 'tech guru' lol!
Us parents are super-duper proud of his focus and his good attitude. It's been a real blessing to engage deeper in his learning and see what a good little student he is
It was also nice to have a bit of special time together this week while little bro was getting back into the school groove!

Thursday, 21 May 2020

week twenty // last week learning @ home with miles

(eighth week staying at home)
We have spent 8 full weeks in a bubble - over 56 days working and schooling from home. Tomorrow the bubble bursts when Miles goes back to school. And then Eli the week after, and Lily the week after that.
I know we will never forget this two months at home. A surreal and very different time. It had its challenges of course but also many blessings like slowing down, and enjoying abundant family time. Ok, so we never made sourdough, learnt a new language, did a family TikTok dance or even finished the endless home projects (think the kids would need to be quarantined elsewhere for that to happen!!!). But we never got bored but we did have a lot of extra special times together.
When I told the kids they were headed back to school, the boys said ‘Nooooo!!’ 🤣 they have loved homeschooling and wanted to continue. Miles said ‘I like having mum there to help me with everything’ 😭 They have been so happy and content at home, but I know they will love being back at school too.
This week I wanted to capture this little dude home learning before he returns to school. Being the youngest he was my most stressful to try and homeschool while also working, because he needed more supervision and support. But when I wasn’t working, we had such a good time! Once I cut back on both work and school pressures, we found such a good groove. Of course as soon as we did, they announced school was going back 🤪!!
I won’t forget these days. Our short stint as homeschoolers. Getting to engage in their learning in a much deeper way, getting to know their challenges and strengths. Gaining so much respect for their teachers too! Growing in patience and helping him develop a 'hard working attitude'.
It’s been a blessing and a growing experience for all of us. Not sure if we will ever get to experience this again (time will tell!), so this season is worth appreciating for what it is. Challenging at times but suddenly it’s over and now it feels quite bittersweet!!

Sunday, 3 May 2020

week eighteen // the work and school @ home juggle

(our sixth week staying @ home)
After 3 weeks of casual homeschool and 2 weeks of school holidays, this was the first more formal 'learning at home' week - while still working!
Let's just say on Wednesday I hit a low point! Honestly, the kids are doing amazing. So amazing. But.... so much juggling. So many computer links and log ins 🤯. Twenty-five online sessions to schedule each week. I was running laps around the house helping everyone, dropping the ball on my own work (and for my team), feeling like I was letting everyone down, and ended up sobbing at my desk, lol 😭.
But you know what? For every disaster day there is an opportunity to stop, to reassess, to recalibrate. Make decisions on better ways to move forward, even if those decisions are hard. Choosing peace and family and prioritising our values. Accepting hard things and embracing imperfection. Trusting in grace.
Later in the week, I spoke to the kid's wonderful teachers who reassured me that the work is on offer but there is NO pressure or expectation to do it all or be online for every session. The permission I needed, lol. And I've talked to work too, and will adjust things there and take an extra day or so when I need to (thankfully I am only 3 days a week anyway, and Mark has also been taking a day off a week w the kids).
So, after a good breather and recalibration, we are ready to face the new week ahead with more realistic expectations and approaches. Onward and upwards!!
PS Shout out to the kids who are loving homeschooling and working so hard, I am super proud of them! The learn @ home work is great, and I love supporting them in it, it's just hard when you can't focus on it bc you have work commitments too! But also... grateful to even have a job in this current climate!!