Sunday, 3 May 2020

week eighteen // the work and school @ home juggle

(our sixth week staying @ home)
After 3 weeks of casual homeschool and 2 weeks of school holidays, this was the first more formal 'learning at home' week - while still working!
Let's just say on Wednesday I hit a low point! Honestly, the kids are doing amazing. So amazing. But.... so much juggling. So many computer links and log ins 🤯. Twenty-five online sessions to schedule each week. I was running laps around the house helping everyone, dropping the ball on my own work (and for my team), feeling like I was letting everyone down, and ended up sobbing at my desk, lol 😭.
But you know what? For every disaster day there is an opportunity to stop, to reassess, to recalibrate. Make decisions on better ways to move forward, even if those decisions are hard. Choosing peace and family and prioritising our values. Accepting hard things and embracing imperfection. Trusting in grace.
Later in the week, I spoke to the kid's wonderful teachers who reassured me that the work is on offer but there is NO pressure or expectation to do it all or be online for every session. The permission I needed, lol. And I've talked to work too, and will adjust things there and take an extra day or so when I need to (thankfully I am only 3 days a week anyway, and Mark has also been taking a day off a week w the kids).
So, after a good breather and recalibration, we are ready to face the new week ahead with more realistic expectations and approaches. Onward and upwards!!
PS Shout out to the kids who are loving homeschooling and working so hard, I am super proud of them! The learn @ home work is great, and I love supporting them in it, it's just hard when you can't focus on it bc you have work commitments too! But also... grateful to even have a job in this current climate!!

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