Tuesday, 21 April 2020

week sixteen // one month in

A month of home isolation. And counting.
Family time getting more and more creative. Cutting loose with fun and crazy ideas, because why not!? Staying home except for the occasional trip to the supermarket (always eerie) and daily 'essential exercise'. So thankful for Canberra's wide open spaces at this strange time.
After diving into learning from home for three weeks, school holidays is upon us and we can relax a bit more and let the kids unwind while we keep finding our way with working from home and juggling all the associated guilt and intricacies of doing several big jobs at once, in whole new ways.
I think I am discovering what an introvert and homebody I really am as the staying home/not seeing anyone hasn't really bothered me at all, in fact it's been kinda lovely. But still, my heart and prayers go out to those more deeply affected and the fact is that we are all dealing with change and different challenges and rollercoaster emotions. Who can compare?
But there is light and love and joy to be found in every day (even the hard ones) and the silver lining is the slowing down and the grounding in good, quiet, simple things. God is good and I am thankful for an abundance of family time and getting to know each other in different ways, in strange times. But some things are still faithful and true!

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