Wednesday, 1 April 2020

week twelve // when corona was coming

week twelve // corona is coming

After we got back from our Kiama trip, things really started to escalate. Even in the few days we were away, the world was changing, cases were climbing, everything changed so much to suddenly something that was now impacting daily life.

New terms like social distancing, self isolation and so on became part of our lexicon and all our family adventures became to quiet locations in wide open spaces.

And things were only getting started. The kids were still at school but chatter was starting about the schools closing (incomprehensible!?), we were still at work but more and more other people were starting to work from home. My dad was visiting from Queensland then suddenly states were closing borders and he had to skedaddle home.

It was unprecedented and strange and surreal and all those words. It didn't really seem real until suddenly it was. I think the reality of this historic time is still sinking in!

#project52 #coronadiaries #catchingup

PS I have been doing Project 52 this year but thought in the current climate I should start recording it on my blog too. I really want to keep a record for posterity and for the kids to read one day. It is a tough time but a historic one too!

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