Sunday, 5 April 2020

week thirteen // suddenly homeschoolers

This was the week that the rumours suddenly became reality.

On a Sunday night (March 22), the message came out that schools were closing. Then they were and then they weren't and then they were kinda-sorta. Monday was the day of reckoning and then suddenly we were picking the kids up Monday from school and not knowing when they would return. So surreal, it was hard to believe it was happening, and so quickly. Everything was closing down, from gyms to pools to restaurants.

Although we weren't quite sure how we were going to handle the work situation, we knew we would have to trust God, wait and figure it out and just put our family first no matter what, even if we didn't know what that our new normal looked like yet. But with people losing jobs all around us, we felt grateful to have jobs to juggle, even if all the sudden change was overwhelming at times.

Suddenly we were homeschooling! Whoa. I expected the kids to be worried or upset about the sudden change, I planned to just ease into it slowly... but instead on the very first day they were begging to begin. And so we did... finding our way and breaking our day up into chunks to keep it manageable with a mix of academics and activities, rest and fun and as much outside time as we could. I certainly wasn't going to stress about schooling, with so much else going on to process! The school provided wonderful support as best they could while also finding their way. It was a totally unprecedented world for all of us. We all needed a little grace to find our way.

Meanwhile the kids? They were so happy and content, excited for the change, keen to try new things, just so utterly resilient, flexible and good hearted, I was just honestly in awe.

Something was beginning to tell me that though the world was tipping upside down, with heartbreak and loss and challenges, it was also going to be a grounding and precious time for our family. As I wrestled with my own emotions, I could only be grateful for the good that was emerging.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the good that's emerging for your family through all the changes, Kate! May God be with you all & all parents suddenly home-schooling and living with kids 24/7: so challenging yet a wonderful experience, with God's and each other's grace.


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