Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mud Kitchen - Let's Get Messy!

We finally made it over to our dear friend Amber's house so we could check out the Mud Kitchen she cleverly set up for her kiddos. It was so cute, so engaging and of course... so messy!

Yup, the kids launched in and literally got their hands dirty - with much pleasure. Now this is what being a kid is all about, huh... outdoor fun, getting dirty, being creative, imaginative play. Perfect!

The play-kitchen at home is without a doubt the most used toy by my two kids - they play with it numerous times a day... but adding dirt, water, leaves and flowers for 'real cooking'? Wow. Suffice to say Lily was in shock and awe at such an opportunity. 'I love this, Mum' she said immediately in an earnest voice of quiet amazement, adding wistfully 'I wish we had one'. 

Well, maybe one day - but for now, when we wanna get messy, we know where to go!

Assessing all the fun things to play/cook with...

Lily was in Serious Play mode. Stirring, mixing and adding ingredients with
Captains of Industry!

Excuse the exposure from Lily, but love this shot of Eli adding 'duck' to his dish!

Finn and Lily quietly whipping up a delicious meal!

Yup, dirty and happy - good outcome!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Look 'Dis Face!

Oh Eli. You are such a funny, funny boy. A card, a joker, a tease, a stirrer and an entertainer, no doubt. You love to laugh and you love to make people laugh. Something about your husky, laconic drawl that just makes everything you say so hilarious - not to mention the twinkle in your eyes and your habit of gazing at people from the corner of your eye for extra comedic effect.

As many around you can attest, there is just something so deliciously charming and comedic about you. 'Dat's funny!!' you frequently cry, to underscore your own joke or anything else that strikes your funny bone.

I have to admit I frequently struggle to keep a straight face when time calls for serious words at less-than-funny behaviour (or should I say, actually-hilarious-but-ultimately-not-beneficial behaviour), particularly when other adults around witness your cheeky ways and are silently crying with laughter in the background. I bite my tongue and do my best but your attempts at a contrite face complete with big blue eyes just make the laughter threaten to bubble forth even more. I have to leave the room then try again, sometimes. Yeah, I gotta work on that!

My funny little man... so grateful for your joyful, sweet heart and your love for bringing more laughter into the world!

When all else fails, you simply say 'Look 'dis face!!'

He is wearing a beanie on this warm day because I was going through a box of
hand-me-downs and there were a bunch of beanies made my amazing Nana.
Of course he thought it would be hilarious to wear one right then!

Love this kid - laughing at his own jokes!

Monday, 29 October 2012

This weather is made for playing!

He was so keen to get up here then as soon as he did it was 'Need help, Mum, need help!!

Go faster! says Lily. Too fast! says Eli
Both tumbled over with dizziness afterwards of course!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Every day, Lily and Eli talk to the baby currently growing in my tummy (I'm now over 27 weeks!)... they sing, pat, rub, kiss, feel kicks and squeal with glee, elbow accidentally (ouch!), and chat, chat, chat. Love to see these three siblings already getting to know each other. **melt** Suffice to say, this precious little babe is eagerly anticipated!

Lately, Lily has been talking about wanting to give things to the baby when he arrives, a special present. Finding things in her room to give, asking to buy something special from the shops, and so on. We are working on a special gift for the kids to give to their new sibling - as well as a gift from baby to them (shhh!!) but in the meantime I suggested the baby would love a special drawing from her when he is born, so she eagerly got to work...

'I'll just put on some love heart stickers to say 'I love you'. Four 'I love you's' to the baby!'  Lily said.

When Eli finally woke from his nap (and collected my hand bag), Lily eagerly
asked him if he wanted to do a drawing for the baby. 'Yeah!' he said.
So she set him up with paper and pens and some stickers and helped him
get started. Ah, sweet.

A lot of love contained in this abstract creation (featuring traced shapes with faces added, spiderman, butterfly,
love hearts and so on!)

Saturday, 27 October 2012


A sweet Saturday at the park with friends. Sunshine, good food, good chats.... good times!

I call this his Tradie style!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Dining Out

When the waitress came over she pointed at the cappuccino and said sweetly 'I'll have one of these, please'.
Nice try, honey!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I think we can call that 'Swimming'!

As mentioned last week, we have just started Lily back into swimming after her last term was a trauma-filled (for mother and child!) ten weeks of crying, whimpering and terror. Real terror. Last week we went along to try again, and she started off nervous and wary but miraculously ended up grinning and loving it. Such a relief. All this week she has been squealing about how excited she was to go to back to swimming. Who is this child!? What a difference a break can make, huh? Ah kids, so capricious I can barely keep up...

She eagerly skipped to class this week and jumped happily into the pool. She was cheery the whole time - I could see the fear and nervousness still in her eyes but she seemed newly determined and confident to do everything, even as her darling little legs shook in fear. So proud, relieved and slightly bewildered by this radical change! Although she had always done everything the teacher asked in class, and she was still scared (of drowning), now she had decided she wanted to learn, enjoy it and improve. Face the fear and do it anyway, as they say, huh?

After class Lily hopped into the 'junior pool' for a splash around with her brother. There was a swimming noodle she started using to swim along (which was already a pretty big step for her) then all of a sudden I saw her discard the noodle and start launching herself into the pool - head under water, arms flailing, legs kicking, without touching the bottom..... why yes, Virginia, I do believe we can call this swimming?!?!

Eli tests the waters

Starting off with a noodle and gaining confidence

I was so shocked, proud and amazed to see her go. I did not intrude, offer instruction or advice, except to call out a couple of encouragements. Baby girl was doing it for herself! I just snapped photos and marveled at her determination suddenly unfolding - her newly found confidence to utilise all these skills she was learning and actually swim - guess she  just decided, on only her second class back, that today was the day. And, she really was swimming. Over and over again, she launched into the pool. Diving in, powering those chubby legs and arms along and actually making some great lengths in the water. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't swimming laps around the pool in one go or anything, but she was swimming for five to ten seconds each time without touching the bottom. She even flipped over and swam on her back a few times, persevering even though she swallowed quite a few litres of delicious pool water!

My little swimmer all decked out in her swim gear and ready to launch!

Go, baby, go!

Fiercely churning the water! 

It was such a leap for her, to make strides in actually swimming. I felt so privileged to watch this moment unfold. She wasn't doing it for an audience but just in her own little world, determined to conquer this skill and overcome a very real fear. Just precious.

You go, my little fishie! 

Exploring her new underwater world

My baby girl making a splash!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mainly Music

Music class with Harper and Eli is always a good time - these two love to groove and are so at home in this environment and of course - just love hanging out together!

I am so glad to be well enough to go back to Amber and my old routine of alternating taking the littlies to Music Class while the big siblings are at Playschool on Wednesdays... Amber has been carrying the load solo for quite some time... thanks hon xx

Oh the fun songs and games to be had with two paper plates!

All these photos came out blurry. Ugh. But the subjects are cute enough to
compensate, I think!

At home, Lily and Harper were so pleased they both were able to dress up as Snow White!
When I tried to take a photo, Eli insisted on putting a tutu on and being in the photo with them.
Little Bro will not be left out of dress ups just cos another girl is around, thanks very much!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

bathing baby

Well, Lily - little nurturer that she is - has been dreaming for a while of a baby doll she could actually bathe, but all her dolls had cloth bodies which I didn't really want to end up mouldy! 

Lovely Nana came to the rescue with a plastic doll, now christened Susan, and she has been bathed copiously ever since her arrival in our family...

Eli made do with bathing a giraffe!

Baby Susan - all fresh, clean and dry, with a loving cuddle from Mama