Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Look 'Dis Face!

Oh Eli. You are such a funny, funny boy. A card, a joker, a tease, a stirrer and an entertainer, no doubt. You love to laugh and you love to make people laugh. Something about your husky, laconic drawl that just makes everything you say so hilarious - not to mention the twinkle in your eyes and your habit of gazing at people from the corner of your eye for extra comedic effect.

As many around you can attest, there is just something so deliciously charming and comedic about you. 'Dat's funny!!' you frequently cry, to underscore your own joke or anything else that strikes your funny bone.

I have to admit I frequently struggle to keep a straight face when time calls for serious words at less-than-funny behaviour (or should I say, actually-hilarious-but-ultimately-not-beneficial behaviour), particularly when other adults around witness your cheeky ways and are silently crying with laughter in the background. I bite my tongue and do my best but your attempts at a contrite face complete with big blue eyes just make the laughter threaten to bubble forth even more. I have to leave the room then try again, sometimes. Yeah, I gotta work on that!

My funny little man... so grateful for your joyful, sweet heart and your love for bringing more laughter into the world!

When all else fails, you simply say 'Look 'dis face!!'

He is wearing a beanie on this warm day because I was going through a box of
hand-me-downs and there were a bunch of beanies made my amazing Nana.
Of course he thought it would be hilarious to wear one right then!

Love this kid - laughing at his own jokes!


  1. Oh my - sweet wee face + ultra cool beanie - it's no wonder you can't resist him!

  2. Kate, these photos are SO GOOD...I absolutely adore them!! And they seem to capture his personality perfectly (as you have described). He sure knows how to rock that beanie too. What a doll.

  3. Perfect photos of your ever-smiling, funny- as little boy.
    Love that boy of yours!

  4. I see lots of Lily in that last pic. Isn't it funny how their husky little voices just add to the comedy? Ella (and I think Lily, too) always spoke so clearly and well...normally (for lack of a better word) but these boys.... Eli you are GREAT!

  5. He is the cutest! Totally heart-melting <3


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