Friday, 5 October 2012

Little Arms

Off to a play-date with lovely friends today. 

Spring is here, the weather is getting more glorious each day and oh, how I love to see those sweet, chubby, precious little arms emerging from their winter hibernation. I could cover each little arm in kisses, oh yes I could! 

In fact, I have, as no child of mine is yet fast enough to escape me!

Siblings Chilling
Siblings Kiss
Sibling Cuddle

Siblings Attempt Pick-Up

Sibling Pick-Up Attempt Failed...

Could not resist sharing this hilarious drawing by Miss Lily
of her and Eli underneath a cherry tree. 


  1. You are so right, the change in outfits when we get in stuck into Spring really does need to be documented!
    I just LOVE how many photos you have in this project of Lily and Eli hugging :) :)

    1. :) yeah its easy to have a lot of pics of them hugging as they do it sooo often! love it. i should try and video or something, they have this hilarious little routine where one will say to the other 'Cuggle?' so they cuddle followed always by 'kiss?' then a kiss (or vice versa). it cracks me up that they always do both!

  2. Sweet little series of your two loving on each other and having fun. :-)


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