Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mainly Music

Music class with Harper and Eli is always a good time - these two love to groove and are so at home in this environment and of course - just love hanging out together!

I am so glad to be well enough to go back to Amber and my old routine of alternating taking the littlies to Music Class while the big siblings are at Playschool on Wednesdays... Amber has been carrying the load solo for quite some time... thanks hon xx

Oh the fun songs and games to be had with two paper plates!

All these photos came out blurry. Ugh. But the subjects are cute enough to
compensate, I think!

At home, Lily and Harper were so pleased they both were able to dress up as Snow White!
When I tried to take a photo, Eli insisted on putting a tutu on and being in the photo with them.
Little Bro will not be left out of dress ups just cos another girl is around, thanks very much!!!


  1. Love, love, LOVE! Don't they just have the best time together at music? I love the little friendship our two littest ones have :)
    Last photo is classic. Eli was NOT going to left out of that photograph! Funny boy!

  2. Always such happy smiley kids, I'm always impressed by how well they get along. That last photo is definitely a keeper. Eli will love that one when you bring it out at his 18th birthday!


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