Thursday, 18 October 2012

Back in the Swim of Things

Today, back from holidays, we launched back into swimming classes for Miss Lily. She hasn't been going since, I think, late last year? Yes, very slack of me, but with Eli to wrangle at the pool then being pregnant/sick, and trying out dancing class too, there just wasn't room for it in our busy schedule! Anyway, after starting out as a happy little water baby who began swim classes with me at six months old (oh, the memories!), when she finally hit the age (three years old) to be able to go in the pool with just a teacher and not me, she got very fearful. Basically, her last term of class, she pretty much bawled, whimpered or just plain looked terrified and miserable every.single.class - well, except for maybe the last couple weeks. She would do everything the teacher asked, but just crying the whole time. So sad! So I was wondering if we would have a repeat of the same drama this term... though I was hoping as she was a little bit older and with a good break she may have moved past the fear/emotion.

When I let her know we were starting swim class again soon she matter-of-factly mentioned a few times (and to a few people) that she 'wasn't very happy' about going to swim class because it was in the big pool and she might drown. !!!!. But I could tell she was talking without real distress and was more remembering how she used to feel. We talked about how safe she was with the teacher, and standing on the little platform, never left in deep water alone, etc. But something told me not to dwell on it too much, that she was going to be fine if I didn't encourage her to focus on it or make it a big deal.

So off we went to class and she got in nervously, then started to get teary and reaching out for me. Oh dear. Her gentle but no-nonsense teacher then took her for her first little lap of swimming around the pool and I heard Lily tell her she was going to drown and the teacher just responded 'Nope, you are not going to drown, not going to happen when you are in the pool with me!'. Well, she came back from that lap grinning and splashing and spent the rest of the lesson happily doing everything she was instructed without a worry in the world. Afterwards she was laughing and telling me she loved her class and that it was so fun and she was excited for next week!!!! Yippeee... I think we can call that progress! I am so thankful she can now enjoy her class without fears or tears.

Just look at that smile!!
Eli is saying hello and begging to get into the big pool with her!

A rewarding splash in the little pool after class

My cute little water rat!


  1. Ahhh, the very-much undervalued no-nonsense swimming teacher. High five to both her AND Lily :)

  2. Awwww, I remember feeling like I was going to drown! Scary times being small. Theo swam so well last year and totally forgot over winter. Now he won't enter water without copious amount of floaties, haha.

    I love the noodle photo! Reminds me of my childhood!

  3. Wow... you daughter looks like having real fun in the water... my Lina is whining all swimming lesson long... it´s exhausting... hope she like it one day!

  4. That first image is so perfect! Gorgeous perspective and what a grin!

    Your experience with Lily last term sounds like my last term with Ammon (quite a while back now) he is still traumatised:/ We actually talked tonight about giving lessons a go again and he was not thrilled with the idea at all... you have given me hope haha.

  5. Awww poor thing. I hope it continues to get better.

  6. Well done Lily! I know that she would have had to muster up a lot of strength to get in that pool and start another term of swimming. Hope that Lily's confidence builds and builds as the weeks go on :)


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