Saturday, 6 October 2012

Brunch and Balloons

Off to brunch today with my lovely girls in part to celebrate my upcoming birthday but mostly just to catch up after a far-too-long break.... 

Oh, how gloriously delightful it is to eat yummy food (and actually enjoy it) whilst kicking back for a leisurely two hours of laughs, stories and catching up with my loooooong-time friends. Quite a lot has been happening during my seclusion - including another pregnancy, and a birth! Happy news all round...

Brunch is pretty much my most favourite meal...
hotcakes with caramelised banana and cinnamon marscapone.... DELISH!

Janet with precious baby Lachlan on his first social outing, Bel (and bump), me and lovely Anna!

I arrived home to find Mark had helped the kids make birthday decorations for sweet are they!?
Painted balloons (and cut up electrical tape stickers, lol!). These ones by Lily

Balloon creations by Eli. Love, love, love my cute family!


  1. Oh it makes me so happy to see photos of you out there celebrating! What a relief that most of your sickness is over in time for your birthday :)
    Looks like it was a gorgeous brnch with friends (Hey, your friend Belinda is pregnant- how wonderful!)
    Love the cute balloons the kids made - so special!

  2. I'm glad that you were able to get out and celebrate with your friends. It looks like you had a lovely time. How sweet of your husband to have the kids make you balloons! Hope you will have a happy birthday too!

  3. Happy early birthday! It looks like you had a great day, and you look great!


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