Tuesday, 9 October 2012

siblings a-sail!

Earnest singing aboard the Laundry Ship!
Toys callously thrown overboard into the wild seas...
Look it's land!!! 
A kiss to celebrate the grand adventure on the open seas!
How about an enthusiastic double clapping session too?
Sailing is tiring... how about a massage, Eli??
By the way, I just love your necklace! You really know how to accessorize for sailing!
Two tired little sailors catch a quick nap...

... and the sibling adventures continue to roll on, like the waves lap the shore, filling their childhood and my heart with joy and thankfulness!


  1. Oh my they are the cutest set of photos. I especially love the one where they have their faces close to each other. So much fun happening there. And I am impressed that they both fit in that washing basket.

  2. What a wonderful little photo story! Love it! They seem like such good friends. How lucky they are to have each other. And the new baby is going to be doubly lucky to have both of them :)

    1. thanks tarnya, yes they really are the best of friends - its lovely. they will love having a baby to focus their attentions on, lol, just hope it gets through their affections :)

  3. This is just too sweet. You could get a long horizontal frame to put these in. Sibling captures don't get better than this :-)

  4. This is the sweetest little series - I love every shot! ...and your captions are super funny!
    Love your two together, they are a gorgeous pair :)

  5. Such a neat little picture story! I am still so amazed by how well these two get along. It's the most loveliest thing ever.

    1. aw thanks Vanessa, yeah they are dear friends for sure, its gorgeous! of course they do have their moments and struggles and i put in a lot of work to help them learn to be loving, kind and play together - nice when it pays off in these cute moments :)

  6. Too cute!!!
    Can't wait to see you all on Friday!



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