Monday, 8 October 2012

A Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and a very sweet one it has been. Thanks to a fortuitous combination of a long weekend, and my limited ability to yet handle too much activity in one dose, I have managed to stretch out my birthday celebration over three days - which has been pretty sweet, I must say! After brunch with the girls on Saturday, dinner out with my hubby on Sunday, today, Canberra had a public holiday and I was keen to just hang with my sweet little family.

Even though the sky was threateningly grey, we determinedly trotted off for morning tea at a gorgeous little nursery/garden cafe in Pialligo called Tulips Cafe along with my lovely step-dad. It has an outdoor area with a playground and is pretty much kid and adult heaven as everyone is kept happy! I had the most divine cake ever - Lemon and Coconut Impossible Pie (mmmm) and we sat in the lovely courtyard eating and drinking for over two hours... a simple yet perfect birthday morning.

How grateful I am to clock up another year on this earth, surrounded by so many rich blessings!

We let the kids choose a snack. Rather than cake, they chose Callipo icy-poles in spite of the chilly weather!
These kiddie cafe tables are just too cute for words, huh!?

Digging into their babycinos. Yummiest ever with sprinkles on top, a marshmallow AND two little choc buttons.
They were in heaven!

'What do you mean, I have something on my face, Mummy??!'

Poor Eli sat on the see-saw for quite some time, plaintively calling out 'Lily!! Girls!! See-saw!!'

Just had to add that there was another four year old girl at the cafe' and Lily and she had the time of their lives running around together as Eli trailed after them. When it was time to go, Lily's bottom lip quivered 'But Mummy, I don't want to leave my best friend!!!'. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kate!!!!
    And Yes! That bady chairs and table are lovely, as is your son's face with dadycino-cup traced on it.... :))))

  2. Sorry, I got a little confused there with d and b ..... Hahaha

    1. heehee no worries I understood! your english is great :)

  3. Wow, looks like you had a lovely birthday! I must go out to that cafe, looks great :)
    Eli's babychino face is so funny! Love that you can identify the entire shape of the cup on his face :P

    1. oh its gorgeous out there amber, you would love it!! we should have a playdate out there sometime, we would get so much actual talk time ;)


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