Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bye Bye, Baby Girl Clothes

Now we 'know' we are expecting a little boy (or so they tell us... eep!), I decided to go through my boxes of baby girl's clothes to pass on to my new little niece. Keeping it in the family and knowing someone else I love will be wearing them, helps me let go of these precious teeny-tiny pink outfits! So I sorted through the piles and piles and er.... piles of clothing. Eek!! So much stuff. Will be nice to have the space back in the shed, haha.

After getting very sentimental and weepy over the memories that came flooding back with each onesie and dress, I took a photo of my favourite outfits all laid out together. Then a friend gave me the idea to let the kids choose a couple of items to dress their dolls in - might as well let them see the light of day, huh!

I held on to just a handful of outfits, knowing it's unlikely any grandchild (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) will be wearing them in the future, what with changing styles and all. But a couple of outfits just for nostalgia's sake seemed like a nice idea. I did hang onto knitted cardigans and beanies from Mark's much beloved grandmother who has now passed away, and a couple of other cute dresses. The rest are going to be worn by my precious little niece and probably a line of baby girls afterwards.

We pretty much live on hand-me-downs so it's nice to now start passing some on too!

Lily was so excited to see all the cute little outfits and hear that she had once worn them all. She had fun digging through and choosing out the ones she thought her new cousin would like, asking if she could give them to her - bless her generous little heart!

Um, yeah, this is ALL baby girl clothes! I think aged 2ish and under. Eek!
Just the girl's stuff as gender neutral items were removed for Eli and now lil' bro.
In my defence, 90% is hand-me-down, gifts or second hand!!! :)

Some of my sentimental favourites... that funny little thing on the right chair arm is the Pavlik Harness Lily wore for 8 weeks as a newborn due to a mild case of hip dysplasia. Wow, I'd totally forgotten she even had it...
funny when it was such an emotional drama for this new mama at the time!

Dolls dressed up in their new finery. As Eli gushed when he saw the baby clothes 'Tchuuuuuute!' 


  1. Oh I know exactly what it is like to have too many baby/toddler clothes. Somehow we just have so much when they are little. I love that they have chosen outfits for their dolls. Very gorgeous and so great that someone else will get use out of the gorgeous clothes too.

  2. Holy baby clothes batman! That is a LOT of stuff! The recipient is a very lucky little girl.

    I just sent the very last of T's baby clothes - all the really special stuff I'd been saving for... I don't know what I was saving it for... to an old friend who had a baby last month. All I have now is the tiny hat he wore in the hospital and the crocheted shoes he wore under his christening gown. Kinda sad, but it feels good to let it go too.

    I love that the children got to keep a few outfits for their dolls, and especially like Eli's tender grip round his baby's neck. Lily seems to have it down pat, but maybe Eli needs a bit of practice before you let him loose on the new baby ;)


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