Sunday, 14 October 2012

Let's play ball...let's do it all!

I have to say the kids were at a holiday 'sweet spot', age-wise, this year. Mornings were free for us all to explore, adventure and play as a family, with a good two-ish hour nap stretch in the afternoon so everyone got a rest and Mum and Dad got a break too! They were old enough to be flexible on sleep and meal times with the change of routine that holidays bring, especially when factoring in the rest of the family, which also made life more relaxed! The house was very kid-friendly and the backyard enclosed, and so the kids were able to largely roam around, play together, play with other family members and generally keep busy without needing a constant eye on them which meant we parents could chill quite a bit too without needing to constantly supervise or hover! 

Knowing we are about to launch into the baby-days again shortly (with all the naps and nappies and feedings that come with that precious bundle), I have to say I have been extra aware of soaking up the freedom, independence and flexibility I have found with having a four- and two-year old. Comparatively of course, they are still so tiny and dependent compared to older kids!! But for me, fresh out of the baby days and now about to go back into them again, four and two suddenly seems ever-so-grown-up. 

I am just loving this season of feeling much better and being able to enjoy spring and summer adventures with my two big/little people...I am determined to soak them all up to the best of my ability!

My girl, my little love!

Nothing quite like a late afternoon ball game to finish off another sweet day.
I laid on the grass and took a few photos while the kids ran and giggled and played. I just love watching them interact.

Eli thought it was hilarious to sit on the ball and then roll or somersault off...
silly boy!

E shows Lily his technique...
So she can give it a go!

Love this moment of them laughing hysterically together... happy little friends.

Pausing for a cuddle...

A few more somersaults....

After all that fun, time to sit down for a quiet chat with their beloved Nana - and soak up the last few drops of sunshine!


  1. Kate, I love this set of photos. They look like they love playing together so much. So much happiness and laughter and cuddles and tumbles and rolling aroung the grass. Looks like a perfect Sunday activity.

  2. These are such wonderful sibling photos! They look like the best of friends. What precious times to have just before things change with the addition of baby brother. Lily is looking like such a little lady in that adorable outfit.


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