Thursday, 25 October 2012

I think we can call that 'Swimming'!

As mentioned last week, we have just started Lily back into swimming after her last term was a trauma-filled (for mother and child!) ten weeks of crying, whimpering and terror. Real terror. Last week we went along to try again, and she started off nervous and wary but miraculously ended up grinning and loving it. Such a relief. All this week she has been squealing about how excited she was to go to back to swimming. Who is this child!? What a difference a break can make, huh? Ah kids, so capricious I can barely keep up...

She eagerly skipped to class this week and jumped happily into the pool. She was cheery the whole time - I could see the fear and nervousness still in her eyes but she seemed newly determined and confident to do everything, even as her darling little legs shook in fear. So proud, relieved and slightly bewildered by this radical change! Although she had always done everything the teacher asked in class, and she was still scared (of drowning), now she had decided she wanted to learn, enjoy it and improve. Face the fear and do it anyway, as they say, huh?

After class Lily hopped into the 'junior pool' for a splash around with her brother. There was a swimming noodle she started using to swim along (which was already a pretty big step for her) then all of a sudden I saw her discard the noodle and start launching herself into the pool - head under water, arms flailing, legs kicking, without touching the bottom..... why yes, Virginia, I do believe we can call this swimming?!?!

Eli tests the waters

Starting off with a noodle and gaining confidence

I was so shocked, proud and amazed to see her go. I did not intrude, offer instruction or advice, except to call out a couple of encouragements. Baby girl was doing it for herself! I just snapped photos and marveled at her determination suddenly unfolding - her newly found confidence to utilise all these skills she was learning and actually swim - guess she  just decided, on only her second class back, that today was the day. And, she really was swimming. Over and over again, she launched into the pool. Diving in, powering those chubby legs and arms along and actually making some great lengths in the water. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't swimming laps around the pool in one go or anything, but she was swimming for five to ten seconds each time without touching the bottom. She even flipped over and swam on her back a few times, persevering even though she swallowed quite a few litres of delicious pool water!

My little swimmer all decked out in her swim gear and ready to launch!

Go, baby, go!

Fiercely churning the water! 

It was such a leap for her, to make strides in actually swimming. I felt so privileged to watch this moment unfold. She wasn't doing it for an audience but just in her own little world, determined to conquer this skill and overcome a very real fear. Just precious.

You go, my little fishie! 

Exploring her new underwater world

My baby girl making a splash!


  1. Congratulations for your girl! It's definitely a step forward, especially for her to leave her fear behind!!!
    I think swimming is a great activity for kids! We started swimming when Marilena was 6months' old and still keeping it up!!! Of course, there were times when she was not all so willing to get into the pool, but on the whole swimming lessons have given us the chance to have some wonderful , funny, happy, educational time together!! I miss the time when we were together in the pool... Now she is old enough , 3 years, to swim by herself!!!
    Wish you have more happy swimming lessons to come!!!

  2. Well done!! Water is such a great element.

  3. Um, yes I would call that an ENORMOUS leap. Not just on the confidence front, but wowzers she has her whole head in the water! Finn, bless him, has slowly, slowly gained confidence but his head under the water is still something he doesn't like to do AT ALL.
    Way to go Lily!

    1. i thought you would share in my shock and joy amber! :) funny how they all have their quirks - she has never minded having her head under water too much (esp w goggles on) but has more been scared about not being able to touch the bottom w no one holding her or holding the side etc. hence my amazement at her actual swimming without holding on to anything(tho will see how she goes in the big pool applying these skills!)... Finn is going slow and steady, good on him! i can imagine not wanting to get chlorine on those golden locks ;)

  4. That is just amazing. And the way you described her shaking little legs made my heart clench - these are the moments that must be so hard as a mama - to stay strong for your kids when they are scared and keep encouraging them to try again. Look out Liesel - Lilly is on her way!


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