Friday, 19 October 2012

Little Buddies

Our little buddy Finn came over for a morning of play. Which pretty much involved Lily and Finn scampering around together and entertaining themselves the entire morning, while Eli trailed after them trying to involve himself. I got him to come and hang out with me (a poor substitute, I realise) a few times as I could see the older kids were keen to engage in their own play and poor little bro just could not keep up!

I discovered Lily and Finn lying on the bedroom floor 'reading' stories to each other, they then drew pictures and made their own books, they built a city out of Duplo, told each other silly stories and sang whilst they ate lunch and pretty much had a fine old time. They are such well-suited little friends, both gentle and accommodating with each other - never a conflict between these two sweet souls! Such a fabulous age where they can entertain themselves and make such wonderful creative play together.

Lily 'reads' a story to a rather comfortable Finn!

The little playgym had been brought out but was a bit dusty from over winter so I gave the kids some cloths and a tub of water - they took to cleaning it off with relish!

Love those golden curls!

A great deal of rinsing off was required, of course.

Sufficiently clean - now ready to play!


  1. YOu know what? I just love seeing my child through someone else's eyes. It really is a wonderful insight into my little Finn's social world.
    Thank you for looking after Finn and for featuring him on you blog! What a treat!

    You are so right, they are perfected suited to one another.

    I love the first photo. Looks like he was not far off having a little snooze! Ha!

    1. Please excuse all my typos. It must be time for me to head to bed! :P


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