Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ferry Ferry Fun

Well, one simply can't visit Bundeena without a trip on the vintage ferry! The oldest working ferry in Australia, I was told, and super cute to boot - it runs back and forth between Bundeena and Cronulla many times a day so of course we had to take a little morning trip with a bunch of family coming along too. It was a delightful day out, with beautiful sunshine, company and food. By food, I mean ice-cream!

Unfortunately, we forgot the hourly ferry did not run at midday on weekdays, so we got home a bit later than we expected, and this Mama and her two little ducklings were rather worn out (and I was starting to feel pretty sick)... my darling hubby saved the day though, by running home from the ferry dock to get the car, and saved us a fifteen minute uphill walk to get home. Bless him!

Here comes the ferry! Cue squeals of excitement!

Our little crew, ready for a big adventure on the sea! 

Daddy/Daughter cuteness

Love this funny, cheeky, rambunctious boy of mine! 

Eli surveys the waters, hoping for sharks! 

Our trip to Cronulla was wonderful, and thankfully had a distinct lack of riots or interactions with the cast of The Shire! It was a lovely little beach with palm trees everywhere and a fabulous ice-cream/gelato shop which we utilised with relish...

She chose rainbow colours and was thrilled with the result!

I could not stop laughing with at Eli all day. He had a little blister on his toe so
Mark (the fashionista) put socks on him with sandals. Complete with check shorts,
and hat, how could I not call him Grandpa?!? A very cute Grandpa indeed!

The family digs into their ice-creams with determination. Needless to say, so did I!

Grazed knees and ice-cream running down the hand... that's boyhood!

Lily escorts Grandpa Eli back from the playground. She watches over him so closely!


  1. What a nice series of photos!!! It's nice to see all the family having fun together!!! I definitely liked the one with your daughter thrilled with her ice cream and your boy's close up, with ice cream all over his mouth!!!!

  2. Beatiful photos Kate, looks like a glorious day to spend together and I love the ice-cream photos.

  3. What a lovely day! Love the ones of Eli eating the icecream!


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