Monday, 15 October 2012

A million little moments that make a holiday...

My precious little niece Alaia takes a bath in a makeshift tub whilst the cousins look on, fascinated! 

Eli wants to get in, I'm pretty sure!

Feeding time at the zoo - three hungry little sparrows enjoy their morning porridge w Daddy! Love those boys!

Eli enjoys a delicious breakfast with Nana (begging scraps from her plate as he already had breakfast!).
Every morning he would beg her to make him 'foofie' (smoothie) for them to drink together.
This little boy loves his Nana so much, and they had a blast on holiday together - splashing in the waves,
taking long  adventurous walks around the neighbourhood etc. A very precious relationship forming! 

Holidays are made for lazy naps curled up with Daddy out on the deck!

Triple Trouble: Alex, Sam and Joe are now crawling, and boy-oh-boy are they ready for adventure!!

Three little dudes exploring in every direction and investigating everything they come across... keeping the parents busy!! :)


  1. Oh my gosh I can't even imagine the handful 3 crawling babies would be. Lovely photos and such gorgeous memories for you guys

  2. What a lovely post, with gorgeous little snippets from your family holiday. Like Belinda, I am too just trying to get my head around what three crawling babies would be like! hats off to your sister and brother in law that's for sure!
    Love the first pic - looks like it was a staring competition - those attentive eyes fixed on their dear baby cousin (who is SUCH a cutie BTW!)

  3. I used to take care of triplet babies and for those imagining what it was like when they were crawling- well it was like having ants. Ants EVERYWHERE!
    Looks like a great holiday Kate. Must be nice to have a big family to holiday with and I imagine the grandparents are very proud of their rapidly expanding brood.

    1. lol Tarnya, a swarm of ants is the perfect description :) very cute ants, and very busy ones!

      yes the grandparents are loving the expanding brood and all the gorgeous grandbabies - though slightly overwhelming to have 6 under 5yrs and 4 in the last year!


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