Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Right after breakfast, still clad in PJ's and with bed-head on full display, Eli and Lily gathered their baby dolls for a morning's outing around the house. I was getting something ready when I suddenly came across this doting pair of Mama and Papa, with babies in pram and carrier, being toted throughout the house and cared for in such a loving, involved and frankly hilarious manner. Their running commentary had to be heard to be believed!

I chuckled as I watched them roaming through the house together, intent on leading their sweet bubba's through a series of events, activities and locations. Story time, a walk, babycinos at the 'Royal Botanic Gardens' (truly), nap time, and singing were all included. Glad to see these two have such an organised day planned!!! ;) 

Story time for their babies - Eli is a very animated story teller!

Taking the kids for a walk

Preparing snacks and drinks for their little angels, at the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Loved to see how they looked after their babies first before having their own 'snack'!

I guess I am wondering how soon I am allowed to put these two on babysitting duty once the new baby arrives!? Lol....I have a feeling I will have two very willing helpers on hand!

Love these two, love their sweet caring ways, love to see them imagining and creating together!


  1. They are ready for babysitting - for sure! ;)
    Don't you find it fascinating how long they keep up this kind of role play? When do we lose that amazing ablity to keep in character within a gorgeous imaginary world?
    THIS is childhood.
    Gorgeous post.

    1. so true amber - childhood is a wonderful place to live in! its amazing to witness their immersion in it :)
      ps i just hope their babysitting rates arent too high ;)

  2. Oh my, how absolutely precious!!

  3. What a fabulous little capture of their busy morning! They must be super excited about soon having a brand new little one in their lives, clearly preparing for it. I think you will have so much help you won't know what to do with it! x

  4. haha that is great! I say...send the bub home with Mark and kids and relax in the hospital for an extra day or two!!! :-) If only huh! They will do great though!


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