Friday, 12 October 2012

My Big Fat Family Holiday!

Every year, for the past five years, my family has taken a 'group' holiday all together at some central location between the four states (and two countries) we are all scattered between. Partly due to our expanding numbers, we tried a new location this year for our 17 family members! Yes, 11 adults (two parents, five kids, four partners) and whereas my two kiddos have been the only kids previously, this year we jumped to a bumper crop of SIX - including four babies - my triplet nephews (now 11 months old!) and my precious newborn niece. It is the only time each year we all manage to get together and it's such a special time of togetherness, memory-making and family bonding - not to mention fairly intense Monopoly games!!

We visited a gorgeous little seaside town called Bundeena, about an hour or so south of Sydney. After a loooong hunt to find a place that could accommodate us all, we discovered this gem - Morrison's at Bundeena - a house and two little cottages on a single residential block - giving us seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and oodles of space for lounging, playing, sleeping and eating! It was gorgeous, so well set up for us all, and a cruisy 50 metre stroll to the beach...

We left in the morning to some truly shocking weather - torrential rain, thunderstorms and a bizarre snowfall along the way from Canberra to Sydney. Like.... it's mid October!? It never snows there anyway!? It was crazy town and we joined the dozens of other people who pulled off the road to snap pics. The kids saw snow for the first time and they got to throw their first snow ball!! It was pretty cool - literally, haha!  Not what we expected on the way to our beach holiday.

Thumbs up from Lily while Eli finishes off the breakfast toast he ate in the car because he slept in till 9am that morning
when I eventually woke him so we could leave!

Miles of snow... bizarre and beautiful!

Checking out the snow for the first time!


  1. How bizarre to come across snow! But such a cool (no pun intended) treat for the kids.
    Can't wait to see more of your holiday pics!

  2. I wondered what you were up to! Looking forward to your holiday posts. We are off to Slovenia for a few days tomorrow, really looking forward to new scenery.

  3. That is just so amazing all that snow!


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