Sunday, 30 September 2012

haircut at home

Eli's hair is growing like wildfire (is that the saying?!)... anyway... it is exactly like his Daddy's... very course, thick, dark blonde, straight - and fast growing! I need to get a photo of those two fellas together, they look so alike these days!

Anyway, there is no way I am hauling Eli to the hairdresser every few weeks to keep his crop contained (and there is also no way I am shaving it, so don't even suggest that again, Mark!!)... so I decided I would do every second or third cut or so at home, just to try to keep it neat(ish). Armed with a lollipop to keep him distracted, I gave him his first trim this weekend - not too bad given he was wriggling and turning his head every second.... I'm just thankful I didn't lop an ear off too!

The chop begins...

After - looking a bit neater!?

Saturday, 29 September 2012

the cutest bag lady

Call it spring cleaning, or call it nesting... all I know is there are a million things around the house I am dying to sort, clean and purge. After months of doing nothing, I am so ready to tackle a few projects. 

Today, my sweet little helper and I worked on sorting out all the bags in our front cupboard. I don't know how or why I possess about 20,000 shopping/grocery/plastic bags (I honestly hardly go shopping!) but in plastic-bag-free Canberra, it is hard to let go of them! Anyway, they were all stuffed in the bottom of the closet so we had a fine old time pulling them out, sorting them into categories (plastic, cloth and paper), getting rid of some and then packing them neatly into three sections. But first of course, we had to have some fun swimming around in them, tossing them in the air, and burrowing into the huge pile. 

This girl makes any old chore a grand adventure!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

The kids find the perfect hiding spot under Lily's bed during a game of Hide and Seek with Daddy!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Adventures of Peanut Pants and the Mermaid!

Today was the last day of term for the kid's dance class... and the last class for us for a while as we are going to be doing swimming next term instead (Mama can only handle so many kid's activities in a week!). As it was the last day, the kid's were encouraged to dress up and the parents were encouraged to make like Paparazzi! So of course we all jumped with relish at the invitation...

I had this adorable little hand-me-down Peter-Pan-type outfit hanging in the closet for Eli. He would grow out of it soon so I decided today was a good day as any to wear it. When I told Eli what he was dressed as he shouted 'I Peanut Pants!!!'. Close enough, kiddo!

Lily chose from her wide collection of outfits, to be a mermaid. So off we went to dance up a storm!

Peanut Pants is on the move!

Eli, Lily and Harper stick together like glue during the class!

Lily getting into the groove...

Precious little dancing feet...

Who IS that handsome little guy?!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Music and Felt

Eli preparing to dig in for a post-music-class snack. First course of snack, that is!

Lily with her very impressive multi-layered felt board display!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A stroll through Floriade

A little visit to Floriade with my little fella, to catch up with an old friend visiting from out of town.

Eli did enjoy the tulips, but most of all the snacks.... 

Monday, 24 September 2012

'There's no place like home' or 'How Mama got her groove back'

It was definitely time for a home day after a fun but probably-a-little-bit-too-busy weekend. I am just getting used to being able to look after the kids full time again, and it feels ever so good to not only have time with them but to also be able to get back into our usual routine. Our 'old' normal life - but with renewed vigour, enthusiasm, commitment and gratitude for just how much those little moments of life with my kids really mean.

Room time, learning time, craft time, outside play, reading time and more were back on the menu and it felt so good to launch back into our home day routine. I also felt renewed and refocused about working on various behaviours that I have not had the energy to focus on over the last few months. It's a brand new phase, dear children, and it feels so good to be back on board!

And so began our cruisey, fun, relaxed day at home. Cherishing moments with the kids, feeling purposeful in our quiet little life. Happy to just be with them. This job is a good and privileged one and it was a blessing to realise I have missed the very days that used to sometimes seem so long and challenging!

I don't normally record a whole day but the novelty of normality is compelling me to do so! So here 'tis....

After breakfast and an episode of Playschool, I tidied my bedroom (a disaster zone) while Eli helped Lily unstack the dishwasher. Although she now usually begs to do it all on her own, she asked for help on this day and eager little brother was super keen to assist. They worked hard for over fifteen minutes on the project, and I was chuckling to myself constantly overhearing the commentary. 'Where dis go?' 'Just hang your horses, Eli, and I will show you'. Lily did such a great job showing him where everything went, like when he put cups in the pots drawer, she redirected him gently. They giggled together as they worked hard. Although of course it does not always gel so well, today the dynamic of gentle leader and boisterous helper worked like a charm. My heart felt so happy to hear my four and two year old so happily and industriously doing a house-hold task together that was also hugely helpful!

We then had some craft time making masks that were kindly gifted to the kids by a lovely friend....

Craft time is happy time for my girl...

You may recall a few months back me pondering whether to try to correct Lily's 'clutching' of her pens or leave her be.
Well, I left it and then looked down today to suddenly realise that somewhere along the line she taught herself to
hold her pen beautifully! Yay!

He colours at the speed of light!

My little super hero

'Mermaid Girl'

Afterwards, the kids had Room Time and I did some chores and had a small rest (to get me through the morning!), then we were going to head outside for a play. Lily suddenly came up with the idea of some kind of treasure hunt - what a fun idea! So the kids waited inside while I hid ten 'Little People' around the backyard. Each kid armed with a bag then went on a wild hunt faster than I could hardly capture! Many squeals of joy were heard, such an easy and fun game.

I see one!! 

Dat's my one!


Counting up the bounty to ensure none left behind!

After one round, Lily hid them for Eli and I to find. Of course this proved a little trickier as she couldnt remember where she hid them all, but after a thorough hunt we did retrieve the lot! Phew.

We decided to continue our time in the sweet Spring air so I prepared a little picnic lunch for outside. It was getting sunny so we decided to eat under the trampoline. Why not?! I can't even say how content I was feeling, out in the sunshine with the home and family God has blessed with me... feeling like I'd gotten my life back and my 'groove' too. Just nice being able to do things, be present, be engaged, have fun.

8 Vegemite corn thins, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, strawberries, bananas and water. Even all this was not enough for
two hungry little tummies and we had to get more food from inside! Our food budget is blowing out of control... already?!

As we ate, Lily looked at me and said 'Mummy, there's no place like home, doing this.'

Sweet child, I could not agree more... xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

a social kind of sunday

It was good to enjoy our relaxed family Sunday all together again like it used to be - first, off to church in the morning to worship with our dear Christian family. Now that I am starting to look and feel less green, and we were all dressed decently for once (although an awkward stripe theme quickly became apparent, oops!) we decided to try for some family pics as it's been months since we've taken any. 

Followed by a chilled out lunch with lovely friends in the sunshine... it was our kinda day!

So many stripes!
Thanks, Lily (and sun flare!)

Exploring Rosie's magic garden

A sprig of clover between the toes is quite nice!

Dratted sun flare but apart from that.... I love my little family and I LOVE having family fun once more!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Girl's Adventure!

When Lily and I venture out for some special Mother/Daughter time, we call them 'Girl's Adventures'. Needless to say, it's been quite some time since I've been able to go on one with my little lady... and she has been such a sweet, compassionate and patient little lass during my months of sickness, I was super keen to take her out for some quality time as soon as I was up for it. So, today was the day!

I suggested a simple outing to a cafe for babycinos and the park, with a little shopping on the side. Her eyes lit up with glee and she was raring to go... well, after she had selected 'matching' shoes for us to wear, of course!

Off we trotted, to enjoy our treat. A local spruiking politician bestowed a balloon upon her - extra joy! We ordered our 'coffees' and of course Lily got to choose a dessert - selecting the most chocolatey cake she could see (that's my girl).

We sat in the sunshine, and after she slammed down her babycino like it was a shot, we just kicked back and chatted in the midst of people watching... her eyes constantly darting around at the people coming and going, intrigued by what everyone was up to. We chatted about life, imagined what it would be like to be dinosaurs and planned all the fun we will have at the beach in a few weeks. Four year olds must just be the most delightful little companions around, I think, just so full of ideas, questions, thoughts and theories. I just love hearing what's in her quirky little mind and on her tender little heart. Love, love, love this girl!

The chocolate smudge between the eyes is a sign of a babycino very much
enjoyed - the cup edge leaves the mark, heehee!

After a quick stop at the grocery store, (hello again, strange place, it's been months since I've ventured in) and our beloved fruit and veg shop (where the grocer wearing the chicken hat remembered us and loaded us up with free fruit samples as always!), we stopped off at the park for a play. On our way home, we spotted a local ceramic art gallery. 'I love art galleries!!!' Lily shrieked, so of course we popped in. After a browse around, the lovely owner offered Lily a selection of gorgeous ceramic Christmas ornaments that she could take home and paint! kind was that? And how delightfully spoilt was this kid getting on this day!?

Outside the gallery with her treasure bag of ornaments and a glowing smile!

A fun end to a gorgeous morning with my darling girl. She told me that she wanted to just stay out with me forever and ever as she was having 'such a lovely time' - sadly it had to come to an end, but now that I am on the up and up, I won't let it be as long till the next time! I was totally wrecked when I got home, but it was  oh, so very worth it.

Loving you, Lily-pie!

first swim of the season!

We decided to take the kids down to the local pool for a splash around, as the weather has been so lovely! They were super excited and as we are soon getting back into swimming lessons again, it was good to familiarise them with the water once more. We had a blast, splashing, playing, laughing together. It pushed the limits of what I should be trying to do in one day after a morning out too, but oh well, it was FUN ok!

Eli was cracking me up - every time he managed to get a mouth full of water (frequently) he would splutter and cough then assure us 'I ok now'. My sweet yet tough little guy! 

By the way, I took my old camera as I was nervous to take the new one around the pool - wow, I can tell the difference already, seeing the quality of these images compared to what I have now with the new camera! Oh, how quickly things change! ;)

Excited to get in and hit the water!

Daddy, water in my eye! 

Ready to dive in for her swim...
When the pool monster attacks Daddy... Eli doesn't even notice!

Enjoying the warm showers afterwards...

Friday, 21 September 2012

lunch time giggles

They just adore each other.

Lunch time is always 'fun time'. They sit at the table and somehow manage to consume ridiculous amounts of food while they laugh, sing, joke, giggle, and chat - making up silly songs, sounds and words, and generally just communicating in some kind of secret sibling code only they can understand.

I stand in the kitchen preparing the next item for their conveyor belt of lunch, and just smile at their antics. 

Their bond warms my heart to a degree I never even knew existed!

I love them both fiercely, and yet I somehow love to see them loving each other even more...

Lily sings a silly song, Eli goes into hysterics