Sunday, 23 September 2012

a social kind of sunday

It was good to enjoy our relaxed family Sunday all together again like it used to be - first, off to church in the morning to worship with our dear Christian family. Now that I am starting to look and feel less green, and we were all dressed decently for once (although an awkward stripe theme quickly became apparent, oops!) we decided to try for some family pics as it's been months since we've taken any. 

Followed by a chilled out lunch with lovely friends in the sunshine... it was our kinda day!

So many stripes!
Thanks, Lily (and sun flare!)

Exploring Rosie's magic garden

A sprig of clover between the toes is quite nice!

Dratted sun flare but apart from that.... I love my little family and I LOVE having family fun once more!


  1. You are looking soooooo much better Kate. Great to see. :)) the stripes.
    Lovely shots of family!

  2. Bea-u-tiful pictures, especially that last one. And I don't mind a bit of flare :)

  3. Kate, you're looking fantastic! I can see the happiness shining from you here! And a little bit of sun flare isn't too bad, and can make images a little artistic (in my uneducated opinion!)

  4. You are looking fabulous Kate! I can only imagine how you are revelling in your improved health. Looks like that new camera is already well used too. We often end up in similar outfits too - very embarassing but kinda cute too.


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