Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dig It

A simple lunch by the lake in the sunshine - just what the doctor ordered! 
A little strip of sand provides all this little girl needs for entertainment...

I just love spending time with this kid xx


  1. How wonderful that you got out this weekend Kate!
    The shots make it look like you went to the beach (ha, ha!)

    1. i know!! a friend had a little bday lunch at the lake today and although i was exhausted after church i just could NOT resist the chance to be out in the sunshine! we just went for an hour and i went w lily so it was very relaxed and lovely... yay :)

      and as per below... if ONLY it was the beach!!! **dream**
      ps amazing all the cool parks this side of tugg lake - we will have to go there for a playdate soon!

  2. Well there you go, I thought you were at the beach until I read Amber's comments. Both of my girls will spend hours just playing in the sand. You can guarantee that we will find Ruby in the sandpit at Kindy when we pick her up.

    1. if oooooonly it was the beach!!!! a man-made lake (and trucked-in sand) has to suffice for now :)

      Yes, sand - so simple yet so effective huh :)


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