Monday, 17 September 2012

Mr Personality

Our little man... now 26 months old... was sick and miserable for about a week with a cold, cough, double ear infection and the like... for that period he pretty much just whimpered and slept. He has now emerged from that sad phase as a regular ray of sunshine, happy, chirpy and just full of personality - including, all of a sudden, a whole new vocabulary!!

It is just hysterical and Mark and I are in a constant state of laughter and wonder around here, as these hilarious little phrases keep popping out of his sweet mouth. Many of them parroting his sister of course! No longer just communicating in verbs, nouns and short directive phrases, he is now our little conversationalist and it is just so charming hearing more of his thoughts and views on his fascinating and wild life!

Some of the cuteness includes:

Sidling up to me and saying 'Hey Mummy....' in a conversational lilt, sounding just like his sister. Often with nothing further to add!

What you doing? (I respond with whatever task is going on) But why?

What we playing now? How 'bout a wrestle?

E: What's your name?
Me: Mummy. What's your name?
E: Beetle Head (!?!)

Due to his appreciation for very clear rules and boundaries, his latest habit is to inform the rest of us that he indeed knows what's what. He will come up to me with a book and say 'What Mummy say?? Put books away!!' then stroll off to do it. Or come and show me a DVD case and say very seriously 'What Daddy say? No touching DBB's!!' then go and put it away. I mean, he could just not touch it in the first place, but clearly he wants me to know that he knows what he should not be touching. This kid!! ;)

And of course my favourite addition of him frequently telling me 'Love you berry MUCH, Mummy'. Yeah, that one never gets old!

Ahhh little E, this is such a gorgeous age! We are loving seeing your personality develop, your sweet thoughts and your 'jokes', your laughter and giggles, your gentle affection and of course your rambunctious energy tearing through the house. Life would not be the same without you...


  1. What a little sweet heart and what a great age he is at. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow, develop and change.

  2. Ahh just lovely. Must be very exciting to finally know what is behind that cute mischievous smile. Enjoy xx

  3. Love that boy of yours! He's so full of life & love.
    I love all the quotes but my fav would have to be " no touching DBBs!" ;-)

  4. What a cutie!
    I hope you are writing all his little sayings down somewhere. We have a jar full of little notes with funny things scribbled on them. Fun to pull out a couple to read every now and then. :)


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