Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Adventures of Peanut Pants and the Mermaid!

Today was the last day of term for the kid's dance class... and the last class for us for a while as we are going to be doing swimming next term instead (Mama can only handle so many kid's activities in a week!). As it was the last day, the kid's were encouraged to dress up and the parents were encouraged to make like Paparazzi! So of course we all jumped with relish at the invitation...

I had this adorable little hand-me-down Peter-Pan-type outfit hanging in the closet for Eli. He would grow out of it soon so I decided today was a good day as any to wear it. When I told Eli what he was dressed as he shouted 'I Peanut Pants!!!'. Close enough, kiddo!

Lily chose from her wide collection of outfits, to be a mermaid. So off we went to dance up a storm!

Peanut Pants is on the move!

Eli, Lily and Harper stick together like glue during the class!

Lily getting into the groove...

Precious little dancing feet...

Who IS that handsome little guy?!


  1. Gorgeous Kate!
    Love Eli's re-naming of a much loved character :P Funny boy!
    Oooops I forgot about the dress ups today :(
    Hope the kids had a great last day of dancing.

  2. That is a pretty cool outfit for Eli! I reckon Peter's new name could really catch on! (hehehe!).
    I wish I could have done this myself as a little girl... I was able to for 6 months before we moved interstate at the age of 9 (rather old for a beginner ballet dancer), and then I chickened out continuing because I didn't know anybody.

  3. How fun! Love Eli looking at himself in the mirror.


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