Saturday, 22 September 2012

first swim of the season!

We decided to take the kids down to the local pool for a splash around, as the weather has been so lovely! They were super excited and as we are soon getting back into swimming lessons again, it was good to familiarise them with the water once more. We had a blast, splashing, playing, laughing together. It pushed the limits of what I should be trying to do in one day after a morning out too, but oh well, it was FUN ok!

Eli was cracking me up - every time he managed to get a mouth full of water (frequently) he would splutter and cough then assure us 'I ok now'. My sweet yet tough little guy! 

By the way, I took my old camera as I was nervous to take the new one around the pool - wow, I can tell the difference already, seeing the quality of these images compared to what I have now with the new camera! Oh, how quickly things change! ;)

Excited to get in and hit the water!

Daddy, water in my eye! 

Ready to dive in for her swim...
When the pool monster attacks Daddy... Eli doesn't even notice!

Enjoying the warm showers afterwards...

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  1. What happy photos!
    I am so pleased that you guys are returning to swimming lessons next term. Lily will love it!
    It's great that you gave them a little trial run :)


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