Saturday, 22 September 2012

Girl's Adventure!

When Lily and I venture out for some special Mother/Daughter time, we call them 'Girl's Adventures'. Needless to say, it's been quite some time since I've been able to go on one with my little lady... and she has been such a sweet, compassionate and patient little lass during my months of sickness, I was super keen to take her out for some quality time as soon as I was up for it. So, today was the day!

I suggested a simple outing to a cafe for babycinos and the park, with a little shopping on the side. Her eyes lit up with glee and she was raring to go... well, after she had selected 'matching' shoes for us to wear, of course!

Off we trotted, to enjoy our treat. A local spruiking politician bestowed a balloon upon her - extra joy! We ordered our 'coffees' and of course Lily got to choose a dessert - selecting the most chocolatey cake she could see (that's my girl).

We sat in the sunshine, and after she slammed down her babycino like it was a shot, we just kicked back and chatted in the midst of people watching... her eyes constantly darting around at the people coming and going, intrigued by what everyone was up to. We chatted about life, imagined what it would be like to be dinosaurs and planned all the fun we will have at the beach in a few weeks. Four year olds must just be the most delightful little companions around, I think, just so full of ideas, questions, thoughts and theories. I just love hearing what's in her quirky little mind and on her tender little heart. Love, love, love this girl!

The chocolate smudge between the eyes is a sign of a babycino very much
enjoyed - the cup edge leaves the mark, heehee!

After a quick stop at the grocery store, (hello again, strange place, it's been months since I've ventured in) and our beloved fruit and veg shop (where the grocer wearing the chicken hat remembered us and loaded us up with free fruit samples as always!), we stopped off at the park for a play. On our way home, we spotted a local ceramic art gallery. 'I love art galleries!!!' Lily shrieked, so of course we popped in. After a browse around, the lovely owner offered Lily a selection of gorgeous ceramic Christmas ornaments that she could take home and paint! kind was that? And how delightfully spoilt was this kid getting on this day!?

Outside the gallery with her treasure bag of ornaments and a glowing smile!

A fun end to a gorgeous morning with my darling girl. She told me that she wanted to just stay out with me forever and ever as she was having 'such a lovely time' - sadly it had to come to an end, but now that I am on the up and up, I won't let it be as long till the next time! I was totally wrecked when I got home, but it was  oh, so very worth it.

Loving you, Lily-pie!


  1. A beautiful collection of photos documenting your gorgeous day together. I am so pleased you included the photo with the babycino evidence above the nose. I am glad you are able to enjoy outings like these again and pray your days will continue to improve so you can enjoy your gorgeous family.

  2. Oh wow that is so lovely, indeed extra lovely because I know how long you (& Lily) have been waiting for this.
    I just love that your little outing was filled with extra little surprises along the way.
    Don't you just love how generous some people are? When Finn and Harper go to the Grower's Markets they always come back with all this extra fruit: "Look the apple man gave us a extra green apple!" I guess they bring the cute factor so it must be hard NOT to give them things! :P

  3. Such a great day - so wonderful that you got to spend time with Lily by herself. Mark and I take Abi for some special time on the weekend at the moment. Saturday morning for Mark and Sunday morning for me. Hopefully we can keep doing that as our family changes and our budget has more demands on it. I love the photo of Lily against the purple wall especially. x Claire


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