Monday, 24 September 2012

'There's no place like home' or 'How Mama got her groove back'

It was definitely time for a home day after a fun but probably-a-little-bit-too-busy weekend. I am just getting used to being able to look after the kids full time again, and it feels ever so good to not only have time with them but to also be able to get back into our usual routine. Our 'old' normal life - but with renewed vigour, enthusiasm, commitment and gratitude for just how much those little moments of life with my kids really mean.

Room time, learning time, craft time, outside play, reading time and more were back on the menu and it felt so good to launch back into our home day routine. I also felt renewed and refocused about working on various behaviours that I have not had the energy to focus on over the last few months. It's a brand new phase, dear children, and it feels so good to be back on board!

And so began our cruisey, fun, relaxed day at home. Cherishing moments with the kids, feeling purposeful in our quiet little life. Happy to just be with them. This job is a good and privileged one and it was a blessing to realise I have missed the very days that used to sometimes seem so long and challenging!

I don't normally record a whole day but the novelty of normality is compelling me to do so! So here 'tis....

After breakfast and an episode of Playschool, I tidied my bedroom (a disaster zone) while Eli helped Lily unstack the dishwasher. Although she now usually begs to do it all on her own, she asked for help on this day and eager little brother was super keen to assist. They worked hard for over fifteen minutes on the project, and I was chuckling to myself constantly overhearing the commentary. 'Where dis go?' 'Just hang your horses, Eli, and I will show you'. Lily did such a great job showing him where everything went, like when he put cups in the pots drawer, she redirected him gently. They giggled together as they worked hard. Although of course it does not always gel so well, today the dynamic of gentle leader and boisterous helper worked like a charm. My heart felt so happy to hear my four and two year old so happily and industriously doing a house-hold task together that was also hugely helpful!

We then had some craft time making masks that were kindly gifted to the kids by a lovely friend....

Craft time is happy time for my girl...

You may recall a few months back me pondering whether to try to correct Lily's 'clutching' of her pens or leave her be.
Well, I left it and then looked down today to suddenly realise that somewhere along the line she taught herself to
hold her pen beautifully! Yay!

He colours at the speed of light!

My little super hero

'Mermaid Girl'

Afterwards, the kids had Room Time and I did some chores and had a small rest (to get me through the morning!), then we were going to head outside for a play. Lily suddenly came up with the idea of some kind of treasure hunt - what a fun idea! So the kids waited inside while I hid ten 'Little People' around the backyard. Each kid armed with a bag then went on a wild hunt faster than I could hardly capture! Many squeals of joy were heard, such an easy and fun game.

I see one!! 

Dat's my one!


Counting up the bounty to ensure none left behind!

After one round, Lily hid them for Eli and I to find. Of course this proved a little trickier as she couldnt remember where she hid them all, but after a thorough hunt we did retrieve the lot! Phew.

We decided to continue our time in the sweet Spring air so I prepared a little picnic lunch for outside. It was getting sunny so we decided to eat under the trampoline. Why not?! I can't even say how content I was feeling, out in the sunshine with the home and family God has blessed with me... feeling like I'd gotten my life back and my 'groove' too. Just nice being able to do things, be present, be engaged, have fun.

8 Vegemite corn thins, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, strawberries, bananas and water. Even all this was not enough for
two hungry little tummies and we had to get more food from inside! Our food budget is blowing out of control... already?!

As we ate, Lily looked at me and said 'Mummy, there's no place like home, doing this.'

Sweet child, I could not agree more... xx


  1. awww so lovely, I love the idea of a treasure hunt! What a nice day just hanging at home...good on you!

  2. What a beautiful post. I felt at ease, happy and "at home" whilst reading through your day Kate :)
    It must feel so good to do all of these ordinary things within your day and with your kids. Kind of proves that they aren't that ordinary after all though! Sounds like it was an amazing day for you and your littlies!
    P.S. I really love the 'Little People' treasure hunt idea! I'm stealing that one!

    1. thanks hon and yes i definitely have a new appreciation for 'regular' life and little moments w the kids these days. so good to feel capable again - to some degree anyway :) oh yes the treasure hunt was so quick, easy and fun - wtg Lily on coming up w that one!

  3. I love these days that just *work*... I have never considered having 'room' time before... sounds interesting! (and a good way to get some time to yourself).

    Playing treasure hunt sounds fun too, what a brilliant idea from a 4yo! I did something like that to help them 'get' the idea for Easter... they had no idea until we practised!

    1. oh yes, we love roomtime around here - so good for the kids (chill out time, learning to play independently, creativity etc) and for me too - time to do chores/whatever without kids underfoot and without using TV! i wrote a bit more about it here when eli was younger (he now plays in his room as does lily in her room) and
      as for the treasure hunt - yeah i was pretty impressed too!! why save the hunt just for easter huh?! clever kiddo ;)

  4. Beautiful Kate. Sounds like the perfect day!

  5. What a beautiful day! I'm glad you are feeling much better now xox

  6. So glad you're feeling better! Beautiful kids! This is Andrea.


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