Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Card Matching Game and Nasty Colds

The kids got a cute new card-matching game in a lovely care-package from Mark's parents - match two parts of a Bible story together then retell the story using prompt words on the back. It was a great way to remember stories they already knew, and explain some new ones. As well as working on matching skills at the same time. We had a lovely quiet morning playing it together, which was just what we needed.

Eli liked to just pile the cards up.

Lily very focused on matching

Lily always pulls her pants/leggings up to her knees, so little bro
of course has to try to do the same!

Got another one, Mummy!

Counting all the matches and telling the stories...
Jesus born in the Stable, Adam and Eve, etc

We are slowly coming out of over a week of a plague of sickness on our household... colds/flu, double ear infections, sinus infections, conjunctivitis, coughs, sore throats, etc. All four of us have been caught by various elements - and unfortunately for me, while I was starting to get better, it hit me hard and took me back to a few wretched day of being sicker than I have in weeks! Hideous. Sort of frustrating too as I was feeling like I was at the cusp of 'better' - I feel like I'm 70% colds etc, and only 30% pregnancy sickness now, so I am itching to rid the house of all the remnants of winter lurgies and all be well at last!!! The poor kiddos have been so sick too, so we have all been just hanging around the house for over a week being miserable and yuck... a sweet little care package from the grandparents sure brightened the day and blessed us all with some treats and fun to keep us occupied on our home-bound days - grandparents rock!

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  1. Grandparents do rock! More than anything.
    I'm sorry to hear you're all feeling so crap, hope the warmer weather kicks all the lurgies out and you can enjoy the spring!


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