Sunday, 30 September 2012

haircut at home

Eli's hair is growing like wildfire (is that the saying?!)... anyway... it is exactly like his Daddy's... very course, thick, dark blonde, straight - and fast growing! I need to get a photo of those two fellas together, they look so alike these days!

Anyway, there is no way I am hauling Eli to the hairdresser every few weeks to keep his crop contained (and there is also no way I am shaving it, so don't even suggest that again, Mark!!)... so I decided I would do every second or third cut or so at home, just to try to keep it neat(ish). Armed with a lollipop to keep him distracted, I gave him his first trim this weekend - not too bad given he was wriggling and turning his head every second.... I'm just thankful I didn't lop an ear off too!

The chop begins...

After - looking a bit neater!?


  1. Awesome job!! Very neat considering how much of a wriggle worm I can imagine a little boy being (my little 7m fella is CONSTANTLY moving and bouncing and wriggling - not sure how I will go cutting HIS hair when the time comes)


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