Wednesday, 18 January 2017

28/31 {the january project} a surprise adventure

Every now and then, (I won't pretend we are organised enough to make it super consistent!), we like to take one of the kids out in the evening for some special one on one time. 

A special outing can go to 'next level' exciting when you make it a last second surprise.... after bedtime!!! Such a simple thing to do but it makes it that bit extra fun :)

So, Eli was already tucked up in bed when I came into his room with clothes and shoes and said 'Quick, get dressed, I'm taking you out for ice cream!'. Surprised and overjoyed was an understatement!

We got in the car and I jokingly said 'So, do you feel like some icre cream??' And Eli replied sweetly 'I don't mind, Mum, what do you feel like?'


Well, I felt like ice cream of course! 

So we went to the foreshore and ate gelato, walked around the lake, chatted and played. It was simple and lovely.

As we drove home Eli said quietly 'Thanks for taking me out, Mum.' I said 'That's okay, buddy. I just love spending time with you.' He replied 'I love spending time with you too, Mum. It's my favourite thing in the whole wide world'

That's why this kid has my heart forever. He exhausts and yet melts my heart like no other.

Love you, sweet boy xx

{the January photo a day project... but I couldn't choose just one, could I?!}

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017

16/31 {the january project} nature play

Miles contemplates the structural engineering of his new forest home.

It was a lovely morning at the Arboretum with Kate from An Everyday Story, Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts - and finally meeting the amazing Amber of Roam the Gnome who was travelling through Canberra! 

We chatted as we watched our nine combined children enjoy some nature play as they built teepees with sticks, roamed around the cedar forest and made new friendships with each other. How good and nourishing it is to see children simply free to play in nature! 

{the january photo a day project}

Sunday, 15 January 2017

15/31 {the january project} happy dance

My boisterous boy n the middle of a post-bath happy dance. 

{the january photo a day project}

14/31 {the january project} eggs and kisses

My littlest man loves to help. He diligently sat at the counter, carefully peeling nine hard boiled eggs. 

Those little fingers so nimbly peeled, eager to contribute to the family table.

In the midst of his labours, I happened to capture that daily tender moment when Daddy gets home from work. 

Miles was too busy to pause in his task but he did accept a kiss :) 

{the january photo a day project}

Friday, 13 January 2017

13/31 {the january project} a quiet, creative home day

The school holidays fill up so quickly and can get so busy, I try to slice out a few days for the kids to just chill and potter around at home. 

I woke up with ideas of how we might spend the day, but the kids had their own (even better) ones too! Lily decided she wanted to enter a drawing competition, so after some quick googling I found a cute competition to illustrate a children's storybook. All three kids decided to spend a solid hour drawing.... including Eli taping 11 pages of illustrations together!! It was more than a little delightful. They also made firm plans on how to spend the prize money... though after they were done they totally ceased to remember that it was a competition, haha.

Later, I pulled out the canvases the kids got for Christmas and we did a little 'Resistance Art' using their initials, acrylic paint and some magical Washi tape of course. 

It was a lovely little day, bringing back memories of those days that now seem so long ago, just me at home with my three. 

{the january photo a day project}

Thursday, 12 January 2017

12/31 {the january project} splish, splash

When the neighbours invite you over for a swim on a scorching hot summer's day... hooray!

Side note: How fantastic is it since Rashies became a thing?! So much better, healthier and more effective than slathering in sunscreen! Sorry for the random comment but just looking at my little man, arms and torso completely protected from our brutal summer sun, just made me so happy. So good that they are now so common, affordable... and cute :)  Thanks to whoever invented them!!

{a photo a day in january}