Thursday 2 December 2021

Grandad's Burnt Toffee Almonds

My husband's grandfather's famous burnt toffee almonds recipe. We make this for family and friends every year. They are so more-ish!! :) 

Excuse the extremely lazy blogpost, I have been meaning to record this here for ages. Mostly just using Instagram pics, but this is the gist!

Recipe -

2 cups almond,
1 cup sugar,
half cup of water.

Make to whatever ratio fits in your frypan - I can usually triple this in one large frypan.

Mix, mix, mix!

Mix, stir, melt, stir, spread it out carefully, break up and package. Easy, a good arm work out, delicious! 

Enjoy :) 

Sunday 13 June 2021

best christian podcasts for kids, teens and mothers

My kids have always been into podcasts and lately I have been trying to get into them too, specifically the encouragement of podcasts on Christian parenting or just encouragement for Christian mums in general.

I have been gathering and researching recommendations and thought I would share a list on the blog that I have sadly abandoned for quite a long time now (oops, sorry!). 

To be honest, this list is partly for me to be able to check back on in future and keep adding to, but perhaps if you are also on the hunt, you can enjoy too! And please, if you have any recommendations for any of the lists, please let me know!! Hopefully we can build it up to a really good resource.

(Tip - search for any of the below podcast titles on Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc. I will add notes on them as I get to know them all better!)

Best Christian Podcasts for Kids

- God's Big Story (goes through stories of the Bible in a really lovely way, kind of like a Bible class)

- The Daily Scoop (daily news updates, with a Christian perspective)

- Seedpod for Kids (and also Seedpod for Beginners for very young kids)

- We Wonder

- Miss Rory's Story Emporium 

Best Christian Podcasts for Tweens/Teens

- Teen Christian View (two teenagers talk about life from their point of view. They give advice on how to live life as a Christian teenager and deal with the struggles that come with being one_.

- Life of a Christian teenager

- Uncommon Teen

- A bunch more listed here

Best Christian Podcasts for Mothers / on Parenting

- Risen Motherhood

- Connected Families (this one is my absolute fave, gets right to the heart of things and some episodes are so deep and powerful and eye opening I have to replay them over and over... so convicting and so mind-set changing. Cannot recommend enough!!!!)

- Mama Bear Apologetics

- We Wonder

I haven't listened to all these yet so will try to add notes when I do. But also please let me know any recommendations I can add :) 

Happy listening! God bless xx

Wednesday 10 June 2020

week twenty three // escape to the beach

The most relaxing little coastal escape together for a long weekend - our first time travelling since March.
The coast is slowly reopening after going through so much over the past few months (from fires to corona) and it felt like glimmers of normalcy were returning, with being able to travel and eat out and explore again! We have gained new appreciation for these simple pleasures and it was lovely to see so many other families enjoying the same.
Grateful for more family time, in a new location! Vitamin Sea does wonders for the soul

Monday 1 June 2020

week twenty two // lily's last week at home

my last week of homeschool, with my firstborn.
we had the sweetest week together, where Lily relished some solo brother-less time at home and some well-earned time off before the big return to school.
she has done an incredible job at home - her teachers have labelled her a shining star who is ready to totally smash highschool! she is soooo ready, having been able to work so independently and diligently the whole time. honestly, I don't even know what she has been doing because she has managed her work and schedule all on her own! she has thrived on creating her own routine, working so hard, finishing work early and being so organised. what a champ!
couldn't be prouder of this little munchkin!! we topped off the week with a girl's day, including our first shopping trip in months so lovely.
blessed to have this wonderful daughter of mine!