Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bonus Friends Visit!

On Sunday, we drove down to Woollongong to worship and catch up with some lovely friends of ours, the Whaley's. The slightly closer proximity to them while at the coast meant we just couldn't pass up on the chance to hang out with them, especially as it meant just scraping in to meet our usual annual plan of our families visiting each other's homes once each year, plus meeting up at a christian family camp after Christmas. With me being wiped out for five months of this year, we just hadn't been able to fit in our regular trip, which I was so sad about. So yay for a bonus little visit that we managed to sneak in... better short than not at all, right?!

We love these guys and I just love seeing our children (who are very close in age) become the sweetest friends after all our dreaming and encouraging!! It was a short three hour visit but we crammed in all sorts of sharing, encouragement, prayer and laughter - not to mention a delicious spread of food! There was one point where I realised with shock we had been talking about schooling options for the kids for like, 45 minutes... I was stunned... am I really this grown up!?!? Funny how sometimes the reality of this married/parenting life just hits you at random times! Or is that just me?! ;)

Within minutes of arriving, these two dress-up crazy girls were decked out.
Pretty sure they went through at least 3 costume changes during our visit!

Ella and Lily played together the whole visit. I decided at one point to peek in on them and discovered them running
their own Bible class... precious! They were taking turns being the teacher. Note they both also have their babies
napping in prams!

The best group photo we could manage - E, me (and yes, bump!), Lily, Ella, Nicole and Noah (Spiderman)

The girls!! Two generations of dear friends... how blessed are we!? I am foreseeing mother/daughter weekends with these two in the years to come as the little ladies beg to see each other - good excuse for us!

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  1. You're looking fantastic Kate - so glad you've come out the other side of the morning sickness and are feeling better :) Two very lovely little princesses there!


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