Thursday, 26 September 2013

37/52 - from the city to the sea


Grandpa and our tribe ventured into the big city for the day.

Catching three modes of public transport (bus, train, river cat) was very much part of the adventure!

PS I did actually brush this girl's hair that morning, contrary to it's wild appearance in this photo.


With a wink and a smile...


Baby toes in the grass.... Love!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Still enjoying being on holiday mode in sunny Brisbane!

Intensely watching out for that train to, here we come!

Roaming around Southbank. Always have a good time exploring that place!

We stumbled upon the State Museum and had a blast wandering amongst the collections and displays

Sweet boy - slumbering. Whatever is happening, he just rolls with it!

Munching apples whilst surveying the big city!

Gelato Fix. 
She ate half and called that sufficient. I encourage them to 'listen to their
bodies' as part of healthy eating habits for life. When I see them taking this on
themselves, it is pretty cool. 

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting the amazing Tarnya and Thomas of Get in The Good Light -  'in real life'!
She is a super-talented photographer-turned-friend (not to mention a lovely and funny lady too!). Her boy Thomas is
absolutely adorable. After a comedy of errors, we managed to meet up for a short but sweet afternoon in the city gardens. The kids clicked like they had known each other forever. It was gorgeous... I even dared to take my camera out in the midst of such photographic greatness (seriously, check her blog!) to capture a lil' bit of cuteness. :)

Watching the kids race around.... dying to get in on the action!

Mark carrying his bounty....

Captured - One Silly Yet Sweet Boy (very rare, very precious wild animal!)

Lily and I out for an afternoon Girl's Adventure. Quality time to chat, play, walk, eat and just be.

Lily absolutely doted on Kaos (my Dad's dog) and proudly and earnestly walked him as often as she could. One day
she said to me 'Do you think when I am walking him, some people might think he is actually MY dog?!' I assured her
she pulled off the 'dog owner' look very convincingly ;) 

Ready to jump in for the first outdoor swim of the season.... 1....2..... 3.!!!!

Lily was having fun jumping in with Dad! But it was also a great chance for her to practise her newly aquired swimming
skills in a new environment (eg not just in her lessons). It took her a while to warm up and realise she could actually
swim in this pool just like in her class. By the end of the afternoon she was swimming laps of the pool - solo! Amazing :)

You might notice a common presence in these photos... Kaos. Self Appointed Life Guard!!
Kaos is verrrrry protective, especially of kids and he lets all the adults know he does NOT approve of the kids being let in the pool! NOT SAFE. He stands right at the edge the whole time, totally on guard, tensed up, watching all the kicking and squealing intently. He does not like to swim but will jump in if he thinks he needs to!! So funny - love this dog :)

Oh Miles, you are a cool cat indeed! He was loving kicking back on the sun lounge :)

Chilling out with Grandpa, admiring his own tootsies :) Miles was just soooo chilled out, lying back with Grandpa,
it was hilarious!

Grandpa decked Eli out in his very own real toolkit. (Lily already has one - Grandpa
wants all the grandkids to be ready to take up a trade, haha) 


  1. Baby feet!!!! I die! Too adorable! Love that your teaching them to listen to their bodies! Taking down parenting notes from you dear kate! Can't wait for my own baby feet to kiss in March :)) xx

  2. What a fun filled week! There are so many great pictures. I absolutely love the baby toes in the grass, the collage of Lily on the beach, the shots of Miles with Grandpa and Eli in the rainbow suspenders.

    Lily's comment about the dog is really sweet. And how awesome that she is so comfortable in the water! You're girl is such a star.

  3. Aw, Kaos seems sooo sweet. I was similarly obsessed with dogs as a little girl. Eventually getting my own dog was like the best thing EVER.

  4. So, so, many lovely holiday shots here Kate! The portrait of Eli winking is completely adorable and impressive too (I don't think I learnt how to wink properly until I was at the end of Primary School!) I LOVE all the pool side shots, especially those gorgeous soft light ones of Mark and Eli - LOVELY! and the ones of your Dad and Miles are super cute. Baby toes are just precious and definitely worth capturing. I love how they curl in like that. I remember reading about the baby toe curling reflex in our Calmbirth course. Fascinating to think they t have all of those inbuilt reflexes but slowly they lose them as they move out of babyhood.
    and the dancing ones of Lily are beautiful. Bet she loved that afternoon with JUST YOU :)

  5. Happy, Happy days :)
    Love the pictures of Miles with your dad and Eli with his. Keepers!
    T also has that tool set. When he was little he insisted on putting so many tools in the belt that he couldn't actually walk with it on!
    Also? I want a dress exactly like like Lily's. So pretty!

  6. I can't get over how pretty, confident and happy Lily looks in the black and whites where she is walking Kaos. It looks exactly like Los Angeles some how. Her dress is wonderful and those rainbow braces ROCK! You have supercool kids Kate :-) Also thanks so much for the lovely things you wrote to me.


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