Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bunnings Girl

A Sunday afternoon trip to Bunnings. Lily came along for the adventure, she adores the place and shouts BUNNINGS!! whenever we drive past one. They sure knew what they were doing when they introduced the mini-trolleys - kids swarm from all over the place!!

I was cruising the aisles looking for hooks. Lily asked what I was looking for and I told her. 'Maybe you should ask someone, Mum' she said sympathetically (not unlike towards a confused elderly parent). 'Or I know, we should just go to the library because they have lots of books there you can buy, even kid's books!'

Hooks, not books, funny girl!

And yes, of course she is wearing her fairy skirt to Bunnings. Because if you can't wear a fairy skirt to Bunnings when you are three, then when can you?

Lily had five minutes on the playground and managed to befriend two older girls (6ish) and organise a follow-the-leader style parade through the jungle gym - jumping, hopping, climbing etc. Guess who was the leader??

She makes even the most mundane outings so much brighter. So much longer too, it's true, but worth it for the joy she brings with her....

She is my daily delight.


  1. This is lovely Kate! My boys love bunnings too. We haven't let them loose with the mini trolleys yet! It would be a little crazy I think. Love the fairy skirt!

  2. I adore that third shot, you can tell she is zooming around the place :) Adorable post as always, Lily sounds like such a sweet child.

  3. I love these shots... And am slowly being convinced by your blog to make some fairy skirts for Bella... :) lol

    1. do it!! :) well im sure Bella would love them but yet i was hesitant at first too so I know what you mean. But they are so fun for dancing and twirling and pretending to be all sorts of things (not just one like a commercial costume) - and of course, the cuteness ;)


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