Friday, 2 March 2012

Trippin' to see the Triplets

It is easy to find delight in today - starting with a super early morning flight to escape the rain and find myself in sunny Brisbane to visit my older sister Megan and her three newborn triplet boys - yes, REALLY!!!

Three little miracles, my precious nephews were naturally concieved by my sister after a long hard road and two painful miscarriages. We all prayed hard and um.... yeah.... an abundance of blessings!!!! They were born in November, eight weeks early but tough and thriving in spite of a few premmie health issues. Incredible... here they are and it still seems a bit surreal! My first nephews too... hooray for being Auntie Kate! So fun :)

How thankful we all are to have them in our family and so proud of their Mum and Dad who have remained remarkably calm throughout! They have been home from the hospital for about six weeks and so life has begun in earnest... non-stop action but thankfully not an excessive burden thanks to a huge amount of love and support (and meals... and cleaning... and gifts... and of course baby care) from their church and family here in Brisbane. An outpouring of joy on these three amazing lives - just beautiful!

Presenting Alexander, Joseph and Samuel...

I haven't seen them since Christmas time, when they were still in Hospital and hooked up to all manner of machines and monitors.... oh how delightful it is to see them home, rolling around together with their cute smiles and chubby faces, soaking up a constant stream of snuggles and kisses! They are over three months old now, healthy and chubby, and ever so delicious - oh those cheeks, those double chins, those tummies!! Amazing to think they were so premmie and teeny once (like about 1.5kg each!).

I am grateful to being here for a long weekend of cuddling, helping, chatting and kissing while my hubby holds the fort (and the kids) at home for four days... way to go, honey!

Triple Delight today!


  1. Cute to the max!
    I still can't get over how big they are compared to their birth photos. Thriving is an understatement!
    Have a wonderful time hanging out together :)
    Go you, blogging while you are away from home! x

  2. Amazing! What a blessing for your family!

    Are Alexander & Samuel identical?

    1. they are fraternal (3 seperate sacs) but as Alex and Sam look so similar, we wonder if possibly they are identical but just the sac split early on... wont know until a DNA test is done which isnt a priority right now so.... but they sure look it huh!

  3. OH MY GOD!!! They are so beautiful! Even though my little guy is only 10.5 months old, that newborn little baby phase seems like so long ago! Little baby snuggles are the absolute best - with three to cuddle hopefully you got lots of them :)

  4. awww adorable! enjoy Aunty!

  5. Oh my goodness! They are very cute :) I can't begin to get my head around what having triplets would be like!! It's wonderful that they are part of such a supportive community.

  6. Oh holy cuteness!! What beautiful blessings!


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