Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Road Trippin'

We got up early in the morning to pack the car for a big road trip to Melbourne. Mark had a couple days of work meetings down there, which we were so thankful meant the whole family could tag along and spend some time together in a lovely hotel, catching up with all our Melbourne friends in the city (far too many of my faves have moved to Melbourne, what's up with that?!) and then spend the weekend with my sister and all my extended family who live down on the outskirts of Melbourne. We had been hoping to swing this kind of combo trip for a few months, but it all seemed impossible to orchestrate. The minute I gave up - suddenly it all came together perfectly!! Gotta love that!

Then Lily announced in the early morning that she wasn't feeling 'vewwy well'.

Then asked for a bucket.

Then threw up.

Then immediately lifted her head and said 'I can still go to Melbourne!!!'

Ah, this girl! She simply hates to miss out on anything and looooves holidays and adventures!

Poor little darling girl...

But what to do now?! She was soooo excited about this trip, and we were all ready to go. She seemed fine afterwards and we thought it might be one of those random occassions where she just throws up once and then is totally fine. She has done this a few times in the past. So we continued packing, got in the car by 8.30am, Lily armed with a trusty ice-cream bucket - just in case. Good thing we had it! Poor darling started to feel sick again and basically continued to throw up and sleep for most of the trip. No complaints, little champ. She would just sleep, wake up, vomit, then go back to sleep. Too sad for words, darling girl. Hardly any misses using her bucket either!! (Although there was one miss which required cleaning car seat and sick toddler by side of the freeway - good times). We discussed turning around but knew she would be more devasted to miss her holiday and lying there and vomiting would be all she could do at home too. Poor baby girl, I don't know what was up... a couple hours out of Melbourne she suddenly emerged from her haze, full of beans once more!! And none of us (thankfully) got sick either so I really don't know what it was. Anyway, she was just fine and we all survived!

Eli happily read most of the way. Yes, his book is upside down in this photo. We are just grateful he has his good looks to fall back on in future, if needed! ;)  (Eli, if you read this in future years, this is just Mummy joking, we all know how clever you are!)

We made it to the hotel, a lovely two bedroom apartment overlooking Carlton Gardens in Melbourne. The kids (and Mummy) shrieked 'WOW' as we entered (and Eli continued to shriek 'Wow' every time we entered our apartment for the rest of the stay!). The 12th floor gave us a glorious view of the gardens, the city skyline and of course the traffic - the kids loved traffic spotting especially the busses and of course trams!

The kids were right at home!

We felt very spoilt in our central location and settled into our temporary home with all the glee two little kids can possibly muster. We got to enjoy dinner with a dear friend that night too, and of course Mama enjoyed just chilling with her precious family without cooking or cleaning to think about - yeeha!!


  1. Poor little moppet, not nice being sick especially when travelling but what a trooper. Glad you were able to have a nice time away in Melbourne and thanks for documenting with great photos to share with us.

  2. Oh, what a trooper! That photo of her with the icecream bucket is too precious. I'm so glad she perked up just in the nick of time and could enjoy your trip.

    Your hotel room looks rad! love that stripey couch - WOW! :p

  3. That photo of Eli is ridiculously cute! Glad Lily felt better, poor little darling.


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