Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lily getting Married?!

As this blog is kinda like a modern-day baby book, it seems a fitting location to record some recent conversations I have had with Lily about getting married. It is all a bit of a shock to me as it's not something I focus on, but since the recent wedding events, it is very much on her mind and it is simply hilarious to see her try to work out all this 'wedding/marriage/babies hoopla' in her innocent mind. Each conversation seems to build upon the next as she gets more understanding of how it all works, and firms up her rather-stringent marriage plans!

So glad she is focusing on her education and career options too!

The following conversation is just one of many taking place in recent days...

Lily: Mummy, can I get married  - please, please, please?!
Mummy: Er... well, actually, Lily that is a decision that you will get to make. If you want to get married when you are a grown up girl and have someone you love and want to marry, then you can....but that won't happen for a very long time, until you are an adult, a grown up girl.
L: So I can get married???!!!!
Mummy: Um... yes, one day if you want...
L: (Throws arms around me) Oh, THANK YOU MUMMY!!! Thank you Mummy for letting me get married! I's sooo excited! I gonna have a wedding and have a baby! Yeah, but not for a few years, really. Not till I'm a grown up girl, like, when I'm five. Then I can have a little baby!
M: Sorry darling, you will need to be a bit older than that to get married. 20??.... or 25... or older!
Lily: Well, I need someone to marry... I know, I will marry Daddy!
M: Sorry honey, Daddy is already married... to me.
L: I can marry Eli!!!
M: Er... it's best to marry someone not already in your family.
L: I know - Josh!! (my brother-in-law).
M: He's married to Megan, honey, and he is in our family too.
L: Oh I know.... Edmund!!!! (her little mate from Mother's Group)
M: (Thinking, oh brother, how did I get into this conversation?!!!) Well... yes, maybe... when you are both grown up and if you both want to, I guess, yes, you can.
L: (Mind fixed, discussion sorted, walking away). Yes, Edmund, now I just have to ask him.

Oh, help. What a kid!!


  1. I am totally chuckling out loud... oh yes. Must just ask Edmund, will pop it on my to do list. Cracking conversation!

  2. This had me cackling like a mad woman.
    I so look forward to these conversations with Bella... :)

  3. Love it! She is so adorable!

    I'm glad she found someone appropriate to marry after all that! I wonder wha Edmund will say? More than likely marriage is not on his mind at all haha

    And I love your photos today, particularly the middle one :)

    1. thanks andrea!! Lovely Amber gave me a bit of tutorial in how to use my camera... like use the AV setting and turn the flash off... already working wonders!!! :) my goal is to try to get the focused subject, blurry background look you pros use next :)

  4. Girls are so different than boys! My boys plan to get married, but they are more focused on how many kids they are going to in, "a trillion, many that the earth will get crushed by my house!" Or something along those lines. This reminds me of when I visited Brazil and you guys helped me plan my wedding. And it happened just as we planned - the day, the time, everything!

  5. We've been through this recently with Ruby. She has even made invites to her wedding that is going to be in Africa and have a jumping castle and balloons and face painting. Daddy can go fishing but has to be home in time to cook the bbq! Who is she marrying, well it was daddy first, just like Lily, then she decided that Jailan a boy from Kindy would be her hubby, the same boy who is getting in to trouble every time I am at the day care....oh boy!!


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