Saturday, 10 March 2012

Up, up and away... it's Hot Air Balloon Day

Like all great plans, it started at 5.30am. Oh wait, no good plan starts at 5.30am. Anyhoo, this plan did! Our mission was to see the start of the Annual Canberra Autumn Balloon Festival, dozens of huge hot air balloons launching into a crisp Autumn morning... heavenly! We awoke the kids at 5.30am to make it there in time. Are we super fun parents or just totally bonkers?? You decide.

Lily was in a deep slumber after partying the night before, but when I whispered 'It's time to go see the hot air balloons' to her deeply sleeping little form, she rolled over, her eyes snapped open, a grin appeared... 'Now?? Today??!' she beamed in disbelief. 'Yes. Now!'. Three year olds, huh? Always ready to party! Eli was not so thrilled to be woken, poor lad, but we pressed on and all rolled into the cars and to the lawns of Old Parliament House to enjoy a feast for the eyes in the misty morning light (when it finally arrived... 5.30am is like... DARK, people!).

Ella and Lily rugged up for adventure

Sadly, for all my planning and excitement, even with seemingly perfect weather, it wasn't so perfect for the balloons. Where there are usually dozens lifting off all over the lawns in fantastastical fashion, today only four inflated and they remained tethered as apparently the wind was going directly towards the airport. Allegedly something to do with hot air balloons and jumbo jets not mixing all too well??? A likely excuse, I say...Gimme the Floating Balloons, people!!! I got up BEFORE dawn (dragging my interstate guests along) for this gig!!!! Boo! :(


Mummy, where are the balloons??

Anyway, thankfully, two of the tethered balloons were absolutely ginormous kangaroos. Yes, kangaroos saved the day, indeed! The coolness of them kept the kids enthralled and fascinated and Lily only shed a small bucketful of tears when we finally all realised the balloons were not going anywhere that morning. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't the feast of ballooniness (yes, that is a word!) I was hoping for, but let's be honest, the kids still had a blast and all in all it was still a fun time! Some bacon and eggs certainly helped ease the pain...

Watching and waiting... Nicole on left, me on right

Little bit noisy with the propane firing up!

Little E was enthralled!

It is a strange thing to have had a big adventure and then be home by 8.30am but that is what we did!

Grand adventures don't always pan out as envisioned but all up it was worth it and even just a sliver of the vision is pretty darn good! Almost more than the moment itself, what I cherish is the memory... I know kids don't really need a lot of big exciting stuff, simple outings can certainly suffice, but I love the idea of a childhood filled with little family outings and adventures, both the mundane and the amazing binding together to make a childhood of love, bonding and togetherness - even when the balloons don't float.

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  1. Wow! How exciting! I must put hot air ballooning on my bucket list, although I'm super scared of heights... so maybe just going to a festival and just watching is a better idea :)


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