Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tongs Table Time

It was a patience-testing day with my little man (thanks in part to the dreaded Two Year Old Molars) and unfortunately I think neither of us did too well.

A little Montessori-style activity in the highchair, passing cotton balls from bowl to bowl with the tongs, was just the reprieve we both needed.

Still love you, little dude, and thanks for still loving me!


  1. Oh two year molars, you are no fun at all!
    I am so sorry you both had a tough day. Sounds like minus the great fine motor activity it was an exhausting one.
    On a selfish note I am glad that you revealed that you have days like this. I was only thinking today (while Harper was refusing to clean up) "Hey Kate J never has these days, what is wrong with me!"
    P.S. I have these cool big tweezers that you can use for activities like the cotton ball one, will lend them to you when Eli is ready :)

    1. thanks hon and yes Indeedie I sure do have days when I am short on patience and loooong on day ;) Nothing wrong with you, young lady, you are a beautiful mama!! ps - tweezers sound awesome, would love a loan!

  2. Love the way you've told a little story here with the two pictures taken from different perspectives.

  3. He looks so intent. That activity looks like heaps of fun. :)


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