Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Making Toys, Making Memories

Our lovely friend Charlotte gave Lily a sweet gift when we were in Melbourne - a cute little kit to make your own stuffed toys - a cat and a dog!! All the felt was pre-cut, all that was needed was to thread it together, stuff with the provided stuffing and stick on all the (already sticky) felt pieces to give the animal features (in your own style of course!). Perfectly doable for a very crafty three year old - she was thrilled! We settled in for a quiet little Learning Time together, and Lily chose to do the dog first (because she desperately wants a real dog!!). It was fun and just challenging enough (I only had to help a bit with the threading) without being so hard as to be frustrating.

I also used this activity as an opportunity to work with Lily on listening patiently to instruction (as I showed her how the toy would come together) and persevering (with the threading, as she tends to give up pretty quickly with challenging tasks). She often resists this kind of thing but explaining gently and calmly before we began that our Learning Time would include listening first, and the need to 'keep trying' helped her accept them happily.

It was a sweet little activity, Lily loved doing it and was ever so proud to have made her very own toy! Thanks, dear Charlotte, for a perfectly engaging pressie!! It was great to see her growing in other areas through the task too, listening calmly and patiently to direction (rather than wanting to rush in and do it herself then getting upset when she didn't know what to do) and persevering with the threading (rather than saying it's too hard and giving up). It was of course good for me too, to work with her patiently and gently throughout,encouraging without hovering too much!

It was a lovely morning working together, watching her ever-more capable little fingers grow in dexterity. Her confidence in knowing how to put things together, her joy in creating. Working hard, enjoying the result. Satisfying!

'Mummy, I love Learning Time together with you', she said as she busily stuck 'bones' all over her new doggie. I kissed her hair and told her how much I loved spending time with her too. Love these little moments of togetherness, learning, growing, sharing together. Growing in skills and more importantly, character. Having fun, making memories.

How blessed I am to spend a childhood with her.

PS She named her dog Charlie... of course!


  1. Oh, such a great series of pics! I really love the idea of the time you and Lily have together. Something I hope to do with Ruby once Oscar's sleeps are more regular. Thanks for your lovely thoughtful posts xx

  2. The perfect name for a perfectly delightful little doggy! What a great present :)

    I love this post from you Kate, such a 'normal' morning that might have been forgotten, or taken for granted otherwise, is preserved in memory here on your blog. And it deserves to be. Special memories for you both, learning and growing together <3

  3. So cute, her facial expressions in the photos tells the story of her concentration and pride. What a great project to do together.

  4. That is such a cool activity!
    I might have to go hunting for one... :)
    She really does look so proud and happy in that last shot.

    1. hey pamela - the sticker said $4 at The Reject Shop - for two toys too, so a pretty affordable little project! :)


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