Saturday, 3 March 2012

Triplets are GO!

My sister was feeling a little house bound, so we decided to head out for dinner at a local hotel restaurant... with my Dad and his wife along, adults out-numbered triplets with a ratio of 5:3 so we figured we would be sorted through any meltdowns!

Two little carbon copies - Alex and Sam

Precious Cargo!

The babies enjoyed sitting at the table!

Alex taking in the views

To the group's delight, the evening was lovely - the trio slept through the entire event! Alex was awake for a while, happy to quietly stare at the ceiling and I think enjoyed just soaking up the atmosphere. Their Mama was certainly having a great time too as we all did - chilling out, chatting and even managing to fit in dessert - yummo! Getting three babies out the door certainly takes a bit of effort but it was worth it for the adventure - here's hoping future outings sail as smoothly as this one did, huh!?

Grandpa masters the double feed with Alex and Joseph!


  1. I just love that they each got their own dining chair!
    Gee your Dad looks like a natural in the last pic!
    Good luck with all the blog catch ups - you can do it!

  2. OMG that last photo of the two twins looking up at Grandpa is just beautiful.

  3. So.many.babies! The last photo is just divine!

  4. Oh Kate - they are just divine! And I can't even imagine the coordination it must take to go anywhere with 3 babies!

  5. Oh that is a lovely post.... will have to remember this next time I think I'm finding it hard to get out the door with just one little baby!! Glad you were able to spend a few days with the triplets, I bet their parents appreciated having you around too ;o)


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