Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bathtime Bonus

Four little monkeys piling in for bathtime fun.
An icy pole was a delightful surprise treat that was devoured intently.

You can't see it here but I also popped some green food colouring into the water for a special 'green bath' that was reportedly the highlight of the weekend!

Simple pleasures, good times, precious kiddies....


  1. Oh thats brilliant!!! Bath time looks like a great activity in your house!

  2. Looks like so much fun! What a great memory for the kids to have Kate!

  3. Hi Kate! I've been meaning to comment & let you know I've been reading (& loving!) your blog for a while now. I look forward to checking blog posts each night as I lie down & feed Saskia & yours is on my roll :)

    1. wow Clare thanks so much for reading - and commenting!!! I see these hits but have no idea who is reading out there, so thanks for taking the time to say hi - and reading my words! oooh i didnt realise you had a blog too!!!! had a quick glance and cant wait to check out more, amazing photos and such a gorgeous baby girl. I love how you are cherishing motherhood too! will be following you too - you should try 'documenting delight' next year, you look set to go!

  4. ...oh and I also meant to say that your two are so sweet...they're going to love having these memories recorded for them when they grow older x

  5. How sweet. My kids are too big to get into the bath altogether. It used to be fun when they did.


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