Thursday, 1 March 2012

Let's Go Puddle Jumping!

We are in the midst of a full week of non-stop rain here in our fair city... it has been amazing. No storms or torrents, just a steady and relentless shower. I'm hoping the flooding does not get too bad, but in the mean time - given it's not too cold or windy, I decided today was the day to rug up and go puddle jumping!! Now it's not all idyllic as it appears, there were a good amount of tears in the lead up, as Lily was quite concerned at this highly unorthodox concept of deliberately going out into the rain!! But after some coaxing, she decided to give it a try and I managed to get all three of us bundled into rain coats, gumboots and Eli's adorable Puddle Jumping outfit. This Mama was determined!

Let's go, kids!! Cos if the rain isn't going away, we will just have to jump in and make the most of it...

Looking out: Are we really doing this?!

As we (thankfully!) live on a hill there weren't a huge amount of puddles to be found but we did managed to find some gullies and puddles around the house and the kids had an absolute blast jumping in them - seeing Eli in particular doing his best to jump through them with both feet was hysterical! There was much stomp, stomp, stomping and delicious splashing to be had. Ever so satisfactory, we all agreed! It was a memory-making moment, doing something a little bit unordinary with a plain ol' rainy day...

This is AMAZING, Mummy!!

My Little Boy Blue

'Eli, I will share with you and keep you dry!'

We are three, they are my everything...

After our rainy day adventure, with all local puddles thoroughly jumped and the three adventurers a little damp (though not as much as I expected, surprisingly), it seemed fitting to finish off with hot chocolate and another instalment of the Sound of Music....




  1. Awesome, puddle jumping is so much fun. And cute pics capturing their joy.

  2. Aw, you could see the joy in those pics! Major fun mom points for you!

  3. Oh! I love puddle jumping! I can't wait until my little man can join me! I love that you little one was worried about going OUT in the rain! Lovely photos!

  4. Such precious shots and memories Kate.
    I do love that Lily was uncertain about this experience. Finn is the same. He often looks at me like I am crazy when I suggest things like this :P
    Love the raincoats the kids wore - too cute!


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